Monday, February 9, 2009

Start Your Monday With The Worst Article Ever!

Andy Baggot gives us another example of why newspapers are failing. You remember him: He's the guy who said it would be a "profound disappointment" if the Crew missed the World Series after the CC trade, and also for making some stupid comments about the Willie Randolph hire.

Today, he wastes even more paper/cyber space by saying commenters on sports websites are dumb - mean spirited, even.

It's something else entirely to coldly disparage those involved — players, coaches, anyone else close to the scene — in some cases making accusations that have no factual basis. It's what the mean-spirited, the small-minded, the cruel do when they log on, duck behind the curtain of anonymity and unleash their jealous frustrations.

Some can't help but be hurt.

You hear that guys? Stop making mean comments on the JS, Wisconsin SJ, and Green Bay PG articles because you might hurt Doug Melvin or Dom Capers' feelings. Please, I'm sure they can't sleep at night knowing what "Favre4-Ever" and "BeerPongChamp" thinks about them.

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Anonymous said...

I cry at night knowing that nobody likes anything I say. Luckily I have my greazy hair to wipe my tears dry!

I hate you anonymous people!!

(Mike H.)