Monday, February 9, 2009

Milwaukee old-school logos do it again!

The fine fellows over at TLOCC did a nice post taking a look back at some of the old-school uniforms from the 80's on up that should never have been replaced. There's some solid uni's on there...and obviously the old-school Crew logo makes the list.

But I'm happy to see the old Bucks logo on there as well. They make a little joke of it...but it's still pretty badass in my opinion.

Anyway, some good pictures there. For me personally, nothing beats the old school Patriots logo. That's just good stuff.


ClownShipLollypop said...

Shouldn't the new Patriots logo be of a video camera?

Cheaters may win, but Winners never cheat. At least that's what my fat ass Cub Scout leader once told me. Another important lesson I learned from him was if you don't shower you can smell like a rotting potato.

DOGY said...



I do love the old bucks logo/colours. Wish they'd go back to them. Would make at least one aspect of that team watchable.