Monday, July 7, 2008


A couple of bold statements to pass along in the aftermath of the big trade.

Cliff Corcoran, CNNSI - The Milwaukee Brewers have all but guaranteed themselves their first playoff berth since 1982.

Andy Baggot, Wisconsin State Journal - Catching the first-place Chicago Cubs and winning the National League Central Division is not only doable, it's expected. Milwaukee is now built to get to the World Series, and anything less than that will be a profound disappointment.


Anonymous said...

I'll save wrigleyville the time:

"statements like that will just make it even better when you guys choke again..."

Matt said...

To be fair to Andy Baggot, he didn't finish high school.

Wrigleyville said...

i wouldn't say anything like that. i would mock andy baggot, however, who is one of the four worst sportswriters i've ever read on a regular basis.