Friday, December 12, 2008

Why The Packers Stink: Reason #1 - Defensive Line

First in a series of posts chronicling the mess that is the 2008 Green Bay Packers.

The Issue
I've said it once, and I'll say it again: I've never seen a GOOD team that cannot stop the run and does not pressure the quarterback. It's never happened, on any level. Ever. Never-ever. Then, throw in shoddy special teams.....forget about it.

This isn't exactly "advanced football strategy" but if you can't stop the run it's a total snowball effect. The other team has endless 3rd and 1s instead of 3rd and 8s, play-action becomes 1000 times harder to defend, you sneak your safeties up for run support, which leaves your secondary out to dry. Weak DTs who do not command double teams makes your LBs look like garbage as O-Linemen come free off the snap and block you 12 yards downfield. Remember how Brian Urlacher was "overrated," then "great" during that Super Bowl year, and is once again "overrated?" Well, he had a pre-injured Tommie Harris and pre-Militia Man Tank Johnson in front of him in 2006. Same with Ray Lewis. He was "getting old" a few years ago. Now is "rejuvenated" ever since Haloti Ngata arrived takes on multiple linemen every snap. And I don't care how good your secondary is. If the opposing QB has enough time to drop back and fill out his tax returns, he'll pick you apart. Matt Schaub looked like Warren Moon last weekend.

What Happened?
You could see this coming. After Jolly got hurt and missed the final 6 games last year, the pass rush went downhill. Jolly’s not great, but he’s a key cog in the rotation...keeping the other guys fresh. They brought back basically the same guys sans Corey Williams. I don't blame Ted for not re-signing Williams (how's that $45 million investment looking in Cleveland? 40 tackles, 0.5 sacks). Again, Williams isn't great, but you need a rotation. I do blame Ted (yeah, I said it) for not bringing in somebody. Through the draft, at least. As for the other guys: Cullen Jenkins went down early, Ryan Pickett seems to have caught a case of "Chad Clifton-itis" and aged quickly, KGB's knee never healed, Colin Cole is just OK, Aaron Kampman gets double-teamed every play. Mike Montgomery has showed flashes (15 tackles, 1 sack @ Tennessee), but is nothing special. Rookie Jeremy Thompson also shows promise. I mentioned the lack of a pass rush here in the season preview, just don’t read any of the other stuff. Thanks.

Where Do We Go From Here?
Draft, trade, free agents, bring in an elephant from the Milwaukee County Zoo...they have to do something. A Haloti Ngata, John Henderson, Kevin/Pat Williams, Jamal Williams, Al Haynesworth, Justin Tuck....someone like that. Of course, EVERYBODY wants one of these. They're like #1 starting pitchers.

Scanning this database, it looks like a weak year for DTs. Lard Ass Terrence Cody (Alabama) tops the list. Someone called him "a taller Gilbert Brown." Sold. One guy I saw dominate a couple times on TV is Peria Jerry (Ole Miss). Not massive, but big enough and can also get to the QB Plenty of DEs this year including Brian Orakpo (Texas), Michael Johnson (Georgia Tech), and George Selvie (South Florida). The wildcard is another guy from Ole Miss - Greg Hardy. Great player, sort of crazy. In fact, somebody compares him to Charles Haley. Certainly, you remember our friend Charles. None of these guys, however, lock top 10 picks.

Ted, don't let me down....if you're silent on D-Line moves this off season, you might get some divorce papers in the mail.


D'Amico's one good year said...

They did draft a DT a year ago in the first round... What was his name? Jamal Reynolds? No? Oh yeah! Busted-ass Justin Harrell. F you, TT. F you.

ps- Ngata is not just an awesome player, but a nice guy. I had a couple of classes with him at Oregon. Only nicer athlete I ever met was Dennis Dixon (and Dixon was smart as shit).

brad said...

Did not mention Harrell because the run defense played fine last year without him.

brad said...

Did not mention Harrell because the run defense played fine last year without him.

D'Amico's one good year said...

That's true, but part of the reason Williams was traded was because Harrell's worthless ass was expected to be a part of that DT rotation.

The only rotation he's a part of is the sit and spin type, unfortunately.

lofty said...

gotta be the only site where you can search the label "fuckity fuck fuck" and have multiple posts pop up...keep up the good work.

ClownShipLollypop said...

#1 No Favre - Oops.

#2 Ted Thompson is a fucker.

#3 Mike McCarthy's lazy left eye is very distracting

#4 Donald Driver is garbage. Maybe he should concentrate on selling used cars. (I'm sure he'll drop the ball there too)

#5 Aaron Rodgers is a P.O.S. I hope he get's the bends, scurvy and the ricketts.

#6 The people in Green Bay are backward hicks with 3 teeth. Great idea keeping the bench seating when your average fan weighs 300lbs. (Average female that is)

Anonymous said...

insightful as always, clown. go away

D'Amico's one good year said...


Statistically speaking, Rodgers is a top-ten NFL QB.

Give it a rest. Rodgers is good, the defense sucks, thus the Packers lose. If Favre was on this team, they'd have the same (if not worse) record, because THE DEFENSE IS TERRIBLE. Take your Favre jersey blindfold off, and use it to gag yourself.

PS- You know I love you, man. But this shit's recockulous.

Tim said...

I think Cullen Jenkins was a hell of a lot better/thretening than anyone gave him credit for.

I hate to respond to clown, but I would take Driver over any Packer receiver of the last 30 years. He tops Lofton, Sharpe, or Freeman because of his strength and speed. Try to find a highlight of the TD catch he made against Atlanta this year. Mercy.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I have no problem with Rodgers actual play. I hate him as a person. He's a "corksoaking fargin icehole" - Roman Maroni

Greg Jennings makes Donald Driver look silly. I don't hate all the Packer players. Jordy Nelson is also awesome.

D'Amico's one good year said...


Message received, and understood. He does seem like a jackhole. Plus, he went to Cal. So fuck him.

Jennings is really good, yes, but Driver is probably the best wideout Favre had after Sterling.
Jordy Nelson is the token white guy, at least for now. I've only ever seen him run hook or go routes. When he takes the beatings Driver has, then I'll like him more.

Also, if we're going to call out packers that we hate... I HATE, HATE Al Harris. Get a haircut and stop holding, you horsefaced mother%#$@*&!

ClownShipLollypop said...

If we're talking about shitty Packers, let's not leave out the shittiest of all... Bhawoh Jue

Words can not describe my hatred for this asshole. 4th and 26...

Not just that play though. He was terrible all around.

I think I just puked a little.

garcia said...

you're telling me ahmad carroll was better than jue? close, but I don't think so!