Thursday, September 4, 2008

Official Packers/NFL Prediction

Touched on this a few posts ago, but here's the official prediction post.
Packers go...10-6. Goldy hit on a good point. Even with Favre, they're not going 13-3 again. Its just too hard in the NFL to win 13 games in back to back years. Pats/Colts not withstanding.

drop in wins will not be because of the QB position, rather the lack of a pass rush, and injuries on the O-Line. DC Bob Sanders better be creative with bringing pressure from the LB's, or it could be a long season. I don't care which QB you're facing, if he has all day to throw...good night.

The good news is everybody and their brother is picking Minnesota to do great things this. Reading the prognosticators, its pretty much their division to lose. Have the Vikings ever came through when they needed to? They will disappoint and burn their Vikings gear outside of the Metrodome, just like after the 1998 NFC Championship choke job to Atlanta. True story! I know witnesses. Oh, and people talk about Rodgers being fragile....Adrian Peterson hasn't made it through an entire season since is Freshman year in college. 10-6 tops, probably 9-7.

More foolish predictions:
Player who needs to have a big year: Cullen Jenkins. Was a disappointment in 07 as he battled a multitude of nagging injuries. He'll have to pick up Corey Williams' slack and provide pressure on the QBs. Week 1 is crucial for him to step up and play well with Bryant McKinney on the sidelines.

: James Jones. Everyone forgets about this guy...especially after getting a bum wheel a few weeks ago. He'll be good to go by week 3. Had a very strong start last year, until hitting the rookie wall. He's one of those crafty #3 WRs who teams will forget about, until he's getting first downs.

: Mason Crosby. He led the NFL in points last year. That's hard to do two years in a row.

Unsung Hero
: Aaron Kampman. I think all Packer fans take for granted how good this guy is. Plays the pass and run very well. I guess the rah rah factor is zilch with him, so he gets minimal air time. Maybe if he talked about putting his helmet in QB's spine's like Jared Allen, he'd get more pub.

I Told You So:
Jordy, Jordy, Jordy.....

NFC North Standings:
Green Bay: 10-6
Minnesota: 9-7
Detroit: 7-9
Chicago: 0-16

Super Bowl:
Jacksonville 28, Dallas 27

There it is. Let's put 'em on record. Give me your OFFICIAL Packer record and Super Bowl picks. And please, don't sign it "anonymous." That's useless.


MGD Mike said...

Green Bay 9-7.

SB = Indianapolis 35 vs. Dallas 17

kantwistaye said...

Anywhere from 6-10 to 8-8. Great RB depth, but I question whether or not Grant is legit. His splits last year were amazing in his first 8 or so carries where defenses were looking pass but fell off miserably afterwards. Recievers are very good, but useless if Rodgers has no time to pass, which based on the preseason that appears is how its going to be. Our defense is strong, but how strong it is depends on Atari Bigby. When he stepped it up last year our defense was great, but if he plays like the Atari that was there at the begining of the season our defense will have a major hole in it. Lastly, our schedule is very tough. It seems like we play every top team from last year.

kantwistaye said...

SB= Indy 31 Vikings 17
That all depends on Jackson progressing to at least a "Game Manager" level QB.

the other ben said...


the other brad said...

Green Bay 8-8

SB: Pats over Cowboys

garcia said...

Have you seen how ripped James Jones is?

I would like to see jared allen put his helmet in his spine. He would go home with a broken neck, hemorrhoids and possibly anal herpes... but the last one is only because he'll be bending over for Mark Tauscher!


Pats over the Pack

D'Amico's one good year said...


And they'll land the team plane on Suppan.

Anonymous said...


Larry Wayne

Greatone said...


Pack over Jets,

Arod will finish 5th in the MVP voting

TT will be drooling over the 31 & 32 picks in the draft trading down picking up someone's first the following year and like a 5th like the genious he is.

Matt said...

So Jacksonville's stellar offseason doesn't concern you, eh Brad?

I think the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl - right Woz?

birdhas said...

Pack will go 10-6. (Win division)

Pats over Cowboys.

brad said...

The Jags running from the law all summer is preparing them for running away from Bob Sanders and Mike Vrabel.

ClownShipLollypop. said...

Stop fuckin calling Aaron Rodgers AROD. Twatty.

woziszeus said...

I've been out of town...but you all know I'm on the Packers train.

12-4...With a Super Bowl loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.