Thursday, December 11, 2008

1983 Fleer

Some guy is working on getting the entire 1983 Fleer baseball card set autographed. No kidding. All 674 of them. Currently has 433 checked off. I'd say he's doing a damn fine job.

Wow, check out the Brewers! Dwight Bernard looking like only Dwight Bernard can, Coop wanting to kill someone, and our guy Yosted wondering why he and Simba didn't bat 9th in St Louis during the '82 Series.


ClownShipLollypop said...

I doubt they will accomplish that task. I'm sure someone from that year has to be dead...

Matt said...

Maybe the executor of the estate can sign in that case.

I think that would count.

Goldy said...

Dave Dravecky, Gar Templeton ...

Scott Segrin said...

Clown - Your hunch is correct. Here is a list of players who played in 1982 (the year off of which this card set would be based) who have since died - most of whom would have had a card in this set.

Mark Belanger
Al Cowens
Larry Cox
Bo Diaz
Steve Howe
Rufino Linares
Aurelio Lopez
Rick Mahler
Lynn McGlothen
Tug McGraw
John Milner
Donnie Moore
Joe Niekro
Darrell Porter
Dan Quisenberry
Aurelio Rodriguez
Vern Ruhle
Luis Sanchez
Rod Scurry
Steve Senteney
Eric Show
Eddie Solomon
Jim Spencer
Willie Stargell
Alan Wiggins

BTW - Neither Dave Dravecky nor Garry Templeton are dead (if that's what Goldy was implying.)