Monday, May 5, 2008

After Further Review...

CNNSI's John Donovan spent a good part of his winter ripping on the Eric Gagne signing. You can see examples here, here, and here. Unfortunately, now he has fodder to back it up....which he does in today's article. I know Gagne's ran into some bad luck, but a 1.700 WHIP is just asking for trouble.

• Worst free-agent money spent last winter? I'm thinking the $10 million that the Brewers coughed up for Eric Gagne -- who blew a two-run lead and yet another save Sunday by walking in the tying run -- is right up there. It was his fifth (yeesh!) blown save of the season.

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JamJam said...

Gone-yeah's just like Turn-blow. A guaranteed walk with 0 or 1 out and that's the beginning of the slide. It's nice to see, however, that Gone-yeah's skipping all of the "being a good and effective closer" like Turn-blow was pre-bobble meltdown and instead going straight to "sucking balls" status.