Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Mailbag!

This one...ehhh...maybe worth 6 minutes of your time.

Some decent questions on here actually. A few guys actually ask about minor league arms...etc...and of course there is your basic Rickie Weeks bashing.

The point of this though is of course...the gems. Here we go:

Q: Bruce K of Kenosha - Given the potential of another arm surgery for Cappy might it not make sense for him to become a knuckleballer to lower arm wear and tear, especially since has does not have a blistering heater?

A: Tom Haudricourt - You don't see many knuckleballers around. The pitch is tough to throw and tough to command. It's a lost art, really.

My REACT: Yes Bruce...please send an email to Chris Capuano and encourage him to "become" a knuckleballer. I'm sure within a week he'll have mastered the craft. Fool.

Q: Earl of Kickapoo,WI -
With regards to Guillermo Mota, I've read his throwing arm is 3cm longer than the left. With this condition usually clearing up by age 35 (Mota will be 35 on July 25th) do you guys think Mota will be the Crew's ace reliever starting July 26th. He has been decent this year so far, he'll be better at the end of July.

A: Tom Haudricourt - Mota has been better far more often than not. Considering the Brewers got him for catcher Johnny Estrada, who then was dumped by the Mets, they probably feel pretty good about that acquisition.

My REACT: Blink...stare...blink...(trying to grasp what the hell Earl of Kickapoo is talking about). First of all...where the F is Kickapoo? Second...I wasn't aware his throwing arm was 3cm longer. THIRDLY AND MOST IMPORTANT...HE STARTS OUT HIS NEXT SENTENCE BY SAYING "With this condition usually clearing up by age 35..." What? WHAT? Did he just drop that in there like everybody should know that? Can you imagine the sorts of conversations had during Brewer games in the only bar in Kickapoo?
Podunk #1: "Who's dis Motar fella they bringing in?"
Podunk #2: "From York I think. Big fellar. Has a blue glove."
Podunk #3 (Earl): "He's got a big arm. It's actually little bigger than the other by a few cm's."
Podunk #1 (nodding): "I've heard dat too. But that works itself out by time one is 35 I tink. Old Doc Larson from Ashwabenon had the same problem but his cleared up."
Podunk #2: "Earl, you got one dem computers yeah?"
Podunk #3 (Earl): " daughter got it for me for when I shot that 12 pointer two years back."
Podunk #2: "Well, I heard you can send a message to that feller in Milwaukee who writes for the paper. Ask him what he knows bout that big arm."
Podunk #3 (Earl): "I can do that. I've always wanted to send one dem messages."

Q: Bruce Budysz of Whitelaw, Wisconsin -
Would the Brewers consider someone like Barry Zito? He's stuggling in San Francisco and has a big contract, maybe the Giants would love to unload him. A deal could be worked out so the Giants would have to still eat some of his contract.

A: Tom Haudricourt - Barry Zito stinks right now. And how much money do you think the Giants would eat? He signed for $126 million before last year. You can forget that one.

My REACT: Thanks Tom.

I think we know who Billups of this mailbag is. Wow.


homer simpson said...

They turned the Navy into a floating joke. They ruined all our best names like Bruce and Lance and Julian. Those were the toughest names we had! Now they're just...

Anonymous said...

Where's Dan from Onalaska?