Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gagne Was A Bad Signing....Take 11

Once again, CNNSI's John Donovan has stated his disgust over the Eric Gagne signing. He's referenced it about 5 times now, and it's not even February.

The repair jobs for a lot of other teams have not gone nearly as smoothly. The Brewers lost closer Francisco Cordero to the Reds, replacing him with Eric Gagne, who comes both with a huge one-year deal ($10 million) and a load of questions about his effectiveness.

Ten teams still searching for answers at key spots

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matt said...

Here's why you have to take this guy's opinion with a grain of salt.

He used the Brewers as his example of a team that has not filled it's major hole - the back of the bullpen. He doesn't like the Gagne signing. We get it.

His example of a team that has successfully filled a major hole in its team this offseason? The Braves. Their major hole? Center field. Their replacement for 10-time gold glover Andruw Jones? Wait for it...wait for it...Mark Kotsay!

That's the same Mark Kotsay who, due to injuries and ineffectiveness, has never played more than 148 games in a season, and the last two years played 56 and 129 games, respectively.

Here's what Donovan says about the Braves:

"So the Braves kept asking around, and earlier this month finalized a trade with the A's for Mark Kotsay, a very good center fielder (when he's been healthy, anyway) in his own right. The Braves even talked Billy Beane and the A's into paying most of Kotsay's salary for 2008.

That is how good teams try to fill the gaps in their lineups."

My goodness. With logic like that, I'm glad that he doesn't like the Brewers' moves...this will give me a reason to follow Mark Kotsay's exploits in Atlanta this season.