Monday, June 29, 2009

This is beginning to have all the makings of a great draft pick

After reading this, I ask you to google a photo of Brandon Jennings and his Young Money tattoo. He is rocking a nice fade in the photo on Deadspin and one of the comments asked something along the lines of "Wasn't he the guy killed at the end of Juice?" That comment slayed me.

Hammond said he did not want to elaborate on the reasons behind the free agent decisions. But he did address another issue facing the team this week: Jennings' involvement in a profanity-laced and provocative video clip that was posted on the Web site YouTube.

"We are aware of the story," Hammond said. "This is a team matter, and we've been in contact with Brandon regarding it."

The clip, which showed rapper Joe Budden having a speakerphone conversation with someone identified as Jennings, had been removed as of Monday afternoon.

But according to a partial transcript of the clip posted on, Jennings said he was confident that Sessions would not return to the team, boasted that he would beat out Luke Ridnour for the Bucks' starting point guard job and made a profane comment about the New York Knicks for not drafting him.

"He did not know he was being taped and it's already been addressed to Brandon by the Milwaukee Bucks as well as Bill Duffy and BDA Sports," said Ilana Nunn, spokeswoman for Jennings' agency. "When you're not told your being taped, you don't know what's going on."

Jennings previously had mentioned his friendship with Budden on his Twitter account, which had been taken down as of Monday afternoon.

The incident could raise questions about the maturity of Jennings, who decided to play professionally in Italy instead of going to college.

And Jennings apparently was wrong about Sessions' future with the team.


A.Guss said...

So how long until Hammond gets fired for this draft pick?

First, Joe Alexander and now this guy...oh boy this is gonna be interesting!

DOGY said...

Why the FUCK do you trade RJ and then non-tender Big Smooth? Joe Alexander can barely play. Who's going to play the 3? Who's going to play the four? Why draft a point guard if you're going to re-sign Sessions?!?!

Bill Simmons would have made a better GM.

Wizzyconsin said...

ummm... when you dont think youre being taped you actually say what you want to say. But with this kid, I really dont think it would have mattered much. I have no clue how this experience will turn out. Probably with an NBA team in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Brandon Jennings is the only shit-talking, young cocky kid in the NBA. Oh wait, those guys saturate the roster of every team in the league.

Don't you think the majority of these young guys talk like this on the phone with a friend (who is a rapper), not knowing he's being taped? My guess is that conversation is more the rule than the exception.

Stupid, yes. Breaking news story, no.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we drafted a young man who uses foul language. What the fuck?