Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I heard someone on the radio project the Bucks lineup to be:

PG - Ramon Sessions
SG - Mike Redd (Coming off an ACL)
SF - Luc Richard
PF - Kurt Thomas
C - Dandy Andy Bogut (Off a back injury)

2nd String:
PG - Ridnour/Jennings
SG - Chuck Bell
SF - Joe Alexander
PF - Malik Allen
C - Danny G

Am I wrong in saying this looks like complete dumpster fire? You have one scorer (Redd) out of the whole bunch. He should love it though...he'll get about 32 shots per game.


Anonymous said...

This upcoming season has to be another tank job and salary dump season to get things to a point where we can have a fresh start.

Once Redd starts playing and teams see that he's fine, he should be traded.

Then we should tank. None of this 38-win season hoping for the #8 seed stuff. Just lose and get a top 5 pick for next year when we have $ to spend on free agents. Build around Sessions and Bogut.

Anonymous said...

the problem with a fire sale is that NOBODY wants to play in this city/arena/ownership/etc!! the bucks/Herbby K. should just bite the bullet and ship off to Seattle!! would any of us actually miss them? i love basketball and still struggle to give a damn about the NBA unless Lebron or Kobe or CP3 or now Rubio are playing (yes i have a Bill Simmons man crush). i'm ready to become a t-wolves fan and move on!!

- Sanchez

woziszeus said...

Besides Jennings' obvious character flaws...I've heard many a friend state he's a great pick.

Either way, the Bucks are going in the right direction...I just hope that direction is not Kansas City.

two name said...

No mention of Amir Johnson on your depth chart? He was part of the three-team deal with the Pistons and Spurs, and likely will start at the 4-spot.

He was an NBA rookie at 17 years old. He's now 22 and still has a lot of upside - yes every GM's favorite description for a young, underachieving player early in his career. He was stuck behind Rasheed, McDyess and Maxiel in Detroit. He can block shots and grab boards, which is what the Bucks need next to Bogut.

And before everyone starts freaking out, there will be another move before the season. It's June 30. Ridnour will be shipped somewhere. Bucks would have been at luxury tax level if they made a qualifying offer to Villanueva, basically defeating the purpose of trading Jefferson.

They will be bad this upcoming season, but the moves are necessary to ensure the Bucks future truly doesn't reside in Seattle or Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

OK, throw Amir Johnson into the starting lineup. Does that really make a difference?

Anonymous said...

When Lebron James is a Milwaukee Buck in 366 days you can all just go Shut up.

Redd is going to really be shooting this year since it's his contract year.

Anonymous said...

No offense but its baseball season, lets talk some Crew huh? I don't know how many of you watch the Bucks but I haven't seen a game for three years and with that lineup it will be at least another year before I watch them. Actually, screw it, move them to Seattle and bring in a hockey team, it will be much better supported than the Bucks ever will be.

manbearpig said...

The Bucks have to be the absolute WORST franchise in the league next to the Clippers since Kohl bought the team.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people say they don't care about the NBA but as soon as anything about the Bucks is posted they feel the need to say how much they hate the Bucks and how much their life would improve if the Bucks left town and the fact they might actually talk to a girl if the Bucks left town and it would pretty much end all the problems in the world. Fuckers.

Trevor Denny said...

I dont see how Jodie Meeks isnt thrown into the mix. He was a second-team All-american, had the three highest point totals of the year, he scores like its no ones business, and I would not be suprised if he started!!!!! For any Jodie Meeks Haters out there send me an email at: trevor_denny7@yahoo.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!