Thursday, June 18, 2009

OTA Report, Baby!

No, that's NOT BJ Raji

Keep in mind, football isn't played in shorts and T-shirts - OTA's are. Regardless, here are some general observations from the last few weeks of OTAs.

Rodgers has been zipping the ball, as expected.

Two 2nd year WRs looked improved - Jordy Nelson and Brett Swain. We found out last year Jordy could play, but Swain was an unknown. Drafted in the 7th round as a poor man's Wes Welker and spent the year on the practice squad. He's been turning some heads in OTAs. I bet he makes the team as the 5th WR, beating out the incumbent Ruvell Martin. Martin is a big target, but doesn’t really play like one. The bigger, red-zone target will be....

....MY GUY (JT is my defensive guy this year) Jermichael Finley. Yep, the same clown who was running his mouth after the Tennessee game because the ball wasn't exactly on his hands. Even though Texas players are usually crazy, I'll give Finley a pass because he was like 18 years old last season. Actually, he was 20 - still a pup. He's snatching balls left and, that didn't sound right.

The #1 O-Line has been Moll, Colledge, Spitz, Sitton, and Barbre. Clifton, Wells and Giacomini have been out with injuries. A totally random prediction if everyone is healthy: Starters - Cliffy, Colledge, Spitz, Sitton, Giacomini. 2nd: Barbre, Moll, Preston, Meredith, and Lang. Wells will be cut. The rookie Lang has looks like an athletic guy in a fat man's body.

Breno Giacomini...Worst. Stache. Ever.

Flynn and Brohm have looked much better than last year. That's what a year of preparation will do.

Actually, the entire 2008 draft is looking solid: Flynn, Brohm, Jordy, Finley, Thompson, and CB Pat Lee have all been noticed. Lee's still the #4 corner (behind Woody, Al, and Trammy), but has made a bunch more plays than last year. Rookie CB's are often clueless.

James Jones is back being James Jones.

A GBPG writer (can't remember which one) said he remembers the first time he saw Jamal Reynolds in OTAs and thought "This guys sucks." His very first impression of BJ Raji? "The real deal." What does that mean? Absolutely nothing, just thought it was worth noting. Hopefully he's 2 for 2 on first-day assessments.

Kampman has struggled, no doubt.

Clay Jr had a hammy strain, which limited him the first week. Other guys not really doing much because their recovering from injuries: Jenkins, Bigbie, Harris, and Barnett. Some TE they like - John Carlson from Michigan - to win the #3 job has been banged up. Same story for Jamarko Simmons, the WR who broke Greg Jennings' records at Western Michigan. They're basically the Luke Swann's of 4th and Long.

Justy Harrell, still pain free!! Knock on wood.

There it is...totally random notes from activities I did not see, buy guys not wearing pads. 1) Take them for what they're worth. 2) MM can't use the term "pad level" yet.


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Good stuff

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11-5. Your North Division winners.