Friday, September 26, 2008

Chuckie Carr Award Nominee - James Jones

Once in a while someone will go 3rd person as well as our inspiration, Chuckie Carr. Actually, NOBODY will ever go 3rd person like Chuckie did, but James Jones made a run at it...

“I can’t be myself, man,” said Jones, who had 47 catches for 676 yards and two touchdowns as a rookie in 2007.

“I’m out there worrying about my knee. I don’t want to fall on my knee the wrong way. That’s why, if I’m not going to be 100 percent by Sunday, I’m just going to tell them it’s a no-go.

“I have no explosion. I can’t run away from defenders; I can’t do anything like that. I need to get this thing 100 percent so I can be out there and be James Jones.”



Wrigleyville said...

if james jones were really on the ball, however, james jones would have dropped some second person in there because james jones used the first person throughout and then mixed it up by going third person at the last second. if james jones had referred to james jones as "you" one of those times - a la dale sveum or doug melvin - well, james jones would have hit the rare grammar trifecta.


ClownShipLollypop said...

George likes spicy chicken.

Why would George steal from the Yankees?

George is gettin angry.

Matt said...

Jones sounds like he has a little Ben Sheets in him. Sounds like a gamer.

Nubs said...

great find Brad. Nice work