Friday, June 19, 2009

UFL Draft?

Something called the UFL held it's draft last night. I guess it's a modern-day USFL, only has no intention of trying to someday overtake the NFL. Anyway, here's a few names of crappy NFLers, former busts/druggies, and guys would are not even training camp fodder that stood out from the draft:

Wendall Bryant, Brooks Bollinger (Top 5 pick!), LaBrandon Toefield, Mike Doss, Chris Perry, and Marviel Underwood. Classic names, I know.

Actually, they have big name coaches. MUCH bigger names than you would expect: Jim Fassil, Ted Cottrell, Denny "Crown 'em" Green, and Jim Haslett.

Milwaukee is listed as a potential future franchise location. I'd rather watch this than the indoor Bonecrushers.

OK, that was way too much talk about the UFL.

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Mo Clarett said...

I actually like the idea of this league. They sound like they already realize that the NFL is king and are positioning themselves as sort of a minor league football. My hope is that the UFL will serve to break the NCAA and their stranglehold that they have on the "student athletes". If it does serve as a more of a minor league for the NFL, what kid is going to want to go play college ball and have to worry about having spending money for a cheeseburger when they can get paid to play in this league and develop their skills for a run at the NFL in a year or two rather than having to wait for the Clarett rule?

I hope they make it.