Friday, June 26, 2009


I hate the NBA, but love the draft...a chance to see where the college guys end up. Because all these guys are dead to me from this point forward, somebody else (Two Name?) will have to tell me if these thoughts come true. I did this a couple years ago, and Matt says I actually got a few right.

Lottery Guys I Like (Besides Griffin)

DeMar DeRozan, USC - One of those freaky athletes who looks like an NBA player.

Tyreke Evans, Memphis - With time, he'll turn into a deadly point guard...either from his skill, or actually shooting somebody.

Terrence Williams, Louisville - Jack of all trades.

Lottery Guys I DONT Like

James Harden, ASU - I really liked him at ASU, but picking him 3rd is too high. In the 9-11 range, sure. But 3rd?? Does our one Chuckie fan at ASU disagree?

Jonny Flynn, Syracuse - Same as Harden. Top 15, sure. Number 6? No way.

Tyler Hansbrough, UNC- You know the drill...great college player, great kid, hard worker, etc. Bottom line is he's a slightly more athletic Mark Madson. How un-shocking was it that Indiana drafted him? They now have a plethora of white guys - Hansbrough, Diener, Jeff Foster, Troy Murphy, Dunleavy, Josh McRoberts, and Rasho Nesterovic. Impressive.

Non Lottery 1st Round Sleepers

James Johnson, Wake - Always stood out, even when Wake would play the likes of Carolina. And he's a black belt from Wyoming, for whatever that's worth.

Rodrigue Beaubois, France - Just kidding. Making sure you were paying attention.

Toney Douglas, FSU

2nd Round Sleepers

Jeff Pendergraph, ASU - A poor man's Terrence Williams

AJ Price, UConn - Not a freak athlete, but has that "craftyness" to stick in the league for years.

Jack McClinton, Miami - San Antonio will turn him into a great player off the bench, you watch.


DeJuan Blair, Pitt - boy did this guy fall like a load of shit. Maybe because, well, he's a load of shit. Lottery pick to 37!

Jodie Meeks, Kentucky - Can fill it up. He and Redd might be wrestling each other for the ball.

Jerel McNeal, Marquette - He'll find his way into the NBA, book it!

Somebody tell me how their NBA careers go. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

They need to trade Redd (and include Gadz with any deal) and start fresh. Redd is done. He was soft before this latest injury and now he's going to be even more of a strictly jump shot guy. Let Meeks learn while we tank this next year.