Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Getting Drafty...

Even though the NBA is dead to me, I enjoy the NBA draft. Why? Because of the excessive college basketball I watch, predicting how guys will do in the NBA is an annual event. I’ve been right (Said the Bucks should have taken Chris Paul in stead of Bogut), and I’ve been wrong (Matt and I both said Reece Gaines would be a NBA stud. Oops). Here’s this year’s edition:

Lottery Guys I Really Like (Besides the big 2):

  • Al Horford, Florida. This guy’s a man child. I’m looking at 16 and 10 for the next decade. Maybe not next year, but eventually. Big, strong, athletic…the best guy not named Greg or Kevin, in my opinion.
  • Corey Brewer, Florida. Would love to see him fall to the Bucks at #6. An athletic slasher who can defend? Are you kidding me? I say bye-bye Bobby Simmons.

Lottery Guys I DONT Like:

  • Mike Conley, OSU. Don’t hate him, but some mocks have him going #3. I don’t see it. He doesn’t shoot very well, and I don’t think his little herky, jerky moves will translate in the NBA. Oh, and did anybody watch him pre-tournament? He was nothing special at all.
  • Brandon Wright, UNC. I’ll basically say the same thing about Wright as I said about Marvin Williams: I saw the Heels play numerous times and never once did I say “wow, Marvin Williams has to be a top 4 pick, this guy’s awesome!” Never. Ditto for Wright.
  • Joakim Noah, Florida. His shot is atrocious. The best comparison I’ve seen someone give him Marcus Camby. Camby really wasn’t a factor (On O, or D) until his 10th year!
  • Jeff Green, Georgetown. I’ve seen top 5 for this guy? Please.

Non Lottery 1st round sleepers:

  • Acie Law, Texas A&M. Even if he single handedly ruined every one of my brackets with a terrible final minute vs Memphis, he’s a gamer. Somehow, some Crittenton guy and Rodney Stuckey have crept above him in the PG rankings. Who the hell’s Stuckey? He’s from Eastern Washington, if you’re scoring at home. That would be in Cheany, Washington…a suburb of Spokane!
  • Aaron Brooks, Oregon. Instant offense. He’ll fall to about 25-30 and end up coming off someone’s bench to spark rallies next year. Then again, I don’t watch the NBA (other than the Bucks) so this may or may not happen.
  • Derrick Byars, Vandy. SEC Player of the Year. If he was from any other school but Vandy, people would love him.

2nd Round Sleepers:

  • Gabe Pruitt, USC. As a Pac-10 fan, I’ve seen this guy play a bunch. He’s got, as Hubie would say, “tremendous upside potential.”
  • Carl Landry, Purdue. I’ll add the local boy. Purdue with and without him was like night and day. A poor man’s Horford.


  • 'Do Tucker, Bucky. I don't see it....unless his shot gets a major overhaul. He'll likley play the 2 guard in the NBA....even if he can't shoot off the dribble, shoot off screens, or handle the ball very well.
  • The Chinese Guy. If the Bucks take him, he will suck. If they don't, he'll be alright. That seems to be the Bucks luck.


matt said...

Disagree on Conley. I think Conley is going to be good and I hope the Bucks can pick him at #6. I unfortunately watched OSU a lot, and he's the guy who beat Wisconsin in both of their wins - not Oden.

He'll develop the jumper. Not too many PGs are great shooters coming out of college (Jason Kidd, Deron Williams, Chris Paul etc.) but the good ones develop a consistent jumper.

Tucker will be an energy guy off of somebody's bench. That's not a bad gig. He has the athleticism to stick in the NBA....

BC said...

You are on drugs if you don't think it was Oden who beat UW. The Badgers didn't even think about taking it in the lane because of Oden. Thus, they launched it from 22 feet from the basket all game...4-23 from 3s.

Anyway, I could easily be very wrong about Conley. Just dont love him like most do.

Tanner Bronson on the other hand...

Bill said...

I like the analysis with the exception of Conley. I think is is going to be very good. I too think he will develop a j over time. That being said I like PG's who actually learn to shoot because it means they made their hay on PASSING THE BALL which the Bucks need.

Did I mention I hate the NBA

matt said...

Good point, sir; I should clarify - Conley's the guy who beat Wisconsin on the offensive end - not Oden.