Sunday, February 22, 2009

Storming The Court Has Jumped The Shark

A ways back, Matt ripped on Purdue Fan for storming the court after a win against Wisconsin. Considering Bucky NEVER wins at the craphole known as West Lafayette, it was uncalled for. Well, I just watched a pretty good game with Arizona State winning at home vs Arizona. Arizona State is ranked 14th in the nation, while the Wildcats are unranked. What happened? ASU almost pisses it away, only to make their free throws at the end... Sun Devils win, bedlum ensues, fans storm the court. Again, ASU is ranked 14th, Arizona is unranked. It should be illegal to storm the court against an unranked team. LAME.

By the way, I really like ASU come tourny time. Herb Sendik can coach, they play very unselfish ball, have a heady/crafty point guard (some white guy wearing #12), and a true difference maker in James Harden. That guy reminds me a little bit of 'Do Tucker.


Anonymous said...

A Sun Devil post! I like it. I'm currently attending ASU, and I have been following your blog for a long time now. I've posted here and there, and I will excuse my brethren for storming the court. In my mind, at least, it's more to just rub it in every dirty Wildcats fans' face.

Derek Glasser is a beast. It's nice having basketball count for something finally, after such a terrible football season and getting used to good basketball growing up with Marquette.

Keep up the Sun Devil posts come March.

brad said...

The Chuckie Hacks love spreads all the way to Tempe - nice!

I pegged ASU as a tourney sleeper about 6 weeks ago. They keep winning and climbing the longer a sleeper. They've got a nice little team.