Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best. Quaterback. Ever.

It took me way too long to come across a gem of a website called Shame on me. They have a bevy of lists backing every decision up with decisive facts. Ask 5 mopes who the best QB ever is, and you could easily get 5 different answers. Montana? Unitas? Capt Rocketball? Elway? Brady? The list goes on. We hit up this question back in March of 08 and the other 3 retards writers picked Favre #1. Anyway, CHFF's argument for #1 is EXTREMELY convincing....and it's a guy who doesn't always come up in the discussion. MGD Mike has been telling me this for years. I never really disagreed, just didn't take him too seriously as his argument was usually after four or five jumbo tumblers of Jim Beam and 7s. MGD, I apologize - and I've got the Jim Black supply for the 4th already covered!

Click here to see Mr #1: Cold Hard Football Facts Top 10 QBs Ever.


Anonymous said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

The difference between Favre and Starr's career?

In -15 temperatures with a championship on the line, Favre threw a God-awful pick. Starr engineered a 68-yard touchdown drive. Not a bad defining moment.

woziszeus said...

Was that list supposed to be satire?

Matt said...

Where the F is Dan Marino?

If he had Joe Montana's supporting cast, he would have won 9 Super Bowls.

fish said...

The link to that March 2008 poll is priceless. I forgot about that poll. I'm pretty sure Brett's body of work hasn't changed since then, he's just not the flavor of the month anymore. A little more objectivity both ways when discussing Brett is probably in order.

brad said...

I have to add this one too, just classic. Not because it rips Favre, because it hammers ESPN and their love affair with Brett. Good stuff.

woziszeus said...

Fish, are you drunk?

I'm not denying anything that was written in that post.

All I've stated since the whole Favre saga started was
A) He's a complete arrogant tool that hates the Green Bay Packers. For that, I hate him.
B) I would rather have Aaron Rodgers at the helm than him right now.

fish said...

Is he still the best QB of all time in your opinion? Or does his despising Teddy drop him down the list? Thats my question. And yes, I am currently drunk, I mean its monday afternoon, who isn't?

MGD Mike said...

Bart Freak'n Starr!

Enough said!

Thanks Brad