Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The only opinions that matter

The Chuckie Hacks team was polled and we each came up with who we thought were the best 5 QB's of all time. We are definitely qualified to do so. Using a very scientific type method, I assigned 5 points to each top rated guy, 4 points to each 2nd rated guy, and so on. Here is what the final total came to be.

1. Brett Lorenzo Favre (14 points)
2. John Elway (13)
3. Daniel Constantine Marino (11)
4. Tom Brady (6)
5. Peyton Manning (5).

Others receiving votes were Johnny Unitas (4), Steve Young (3), Joe Montana (3), & Dan Fouts (1...not quite sure if Goldy was serious).

Lets take a closer look some of each guy's stats, all provided by Pro-football reference:

1. Brett Favre. Barely edges out pretty-boy Elway. Career passing rating of 85.7...and a playoff record of 12-10 (2-2 in conference championship games). While we are all homers here...I don't see how there is any direct argument against him possibly being #1. The guy basically owns every statistical record that matters. He won a Super Bowl. If he had won the 2nd one he played in I really don't think there would have been any discussion. 3 MVP's. People always bitch about his interception total...but you know what?...that comes with the territory.
2. John Elway. Career passer rating of 80. Guy straight got it done in the Postseason. 5-1 in the AFC championship game. That is ridiculous. I love the fact that he denied the Browns 3 times in the 80's to play for the bowl. We'll forget he screwed up in 97 taking away Favre's glory for the repeat.
3. Dan Marino. Career 86 passer. Couldn't get it done in the postseason (8-10 record, 77 QB rating). Never won a ring. Should be ashamed of himself for losing the 85 AFC Championship to the freaking New England Patriots at HOME. People always claim this guy was the best "passer" of all-time. Well you know what? He had freaking 252 interceptions as well. Think about that the next time people hate on Favre's record INT total.
4. Tom Brady. 14-3 playoff record. He is the Joe Montana of this generation, but better. Career 93 passer. Unless he gets hit by a truck in the next 5 years this guy is a top 5 guy forever.
5. Peyton Manning. Will be known as the best QB ever when it's said and done. 10 years in the league and he's started every game. 94.7 QB rating. Does everyone realize he's already 4th in career TD's? 7-7 in the postseason is the only negative mark on his resume. 5 or 6 more years, 1 more ring...will be the best ever.

Two random Facts I found out by doing research:
-Joe Montana led the Chiefs to the 93' AFC Championship against the Bills That is one of those..."no kidding..." type stats I thought.
-Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas have the same middle name: Constantine. How cute.

There you go...that's it. This is the only list that counts.


Greatone said...

Where is Aaron Rogers, he should have at least got a vote

Anonymous said...

Not having Montana in the top 5 makes this list completely irrelevant. We are all homers, but come on.

garcia said...

No Steve DeBerg or Todd Maranovich? You're right anonymous... they are homers!

Woz said...

Anonymous...who would you kick off the list to add Montana in there?

Anonymous said...

When Young got his chance, he was better than Montana in the same offense.

train said...

Not sure why the big boner for Marino- ZERO rings. Kick his fat ass off the list.

This list is based off stats and post season records. Throw in a little 'IT' and Joe is on the list.

Anonymous said...

the fact that my boy ELWAY finished second is just proof how much better he is than FAR-VE. obviously the homers all selected #4 WAAAY higher than he deserved so ELWAY finishing 1 behind is pure respect.

and i agree, a list without montana is insane.


manbearpig said...

Montana might not have the same crazy numbers as Elway, or Marino, or Favre. But in the 4th quarter if my team was down, I would want Montana leading my team down the field. He should bump Manning from that list until Peyton gets a couple more rings.

In the grand scheme, Favre has the numbers in the record books, but the #1 guy of all time? Hardly. He is more like #4 or #5 as an overall QB.