Monday, May 4, 2009

So, that was pretty freakin sweet.

What a win! I was only able to catch an inning here and there tonight, but I saw the innings that mattered and that worked for me. How sweet is it for Braun to get off the plane, come in and pinch hit against a team he hates and get a hit to tie the game. It wasn't a shot, but a hit is a hit. Tough 8th for DeFelice, but nice hits by Kendall and Counsel and a good walk by Hart, even though he bunted foul ball four earlier in the AB. A good shot by JJ to drive in a run and than a rocket from Weeks for the winner. I think this kid may finally be coming around. Also had a solid defensive play in the 9th. If he can learn to make the turn, this may be the season it all comes together.

It's also nice to feel good about our closer for a change. That must be one hell of a change up. Honestly, watching Hoffman pitch, it seems like batters should just be tearing the ball off the cover against him, but he does a great job keeping guys off balance. So far so good with Hoffman.

One final thought. I hate hearing how good of a fastball hitter Hardy is. Who in the Majors isn't a great fastball hitter?

Oh yah, Matt Capps, As Prince yelled to you in 2007, "That's right Mother F'er!".


Anonymous said...

"Who in the Majors isn't a great fastball hitter?"

I present exhibit A: Brad Nelson

Braun's hit would have been so much cooler if there weren't like 37 fans in their park. Great support, Pittsburgh.

Nubs said...

Dick Weeks

nuff said

cobra said...

Corey Hart
Rickie Weeks
Ryan Braun
Prince Fielder
Mike Cameron
Mat Gamol
JJ Hardy
Jason Kendal

cobra said...

nevermind Bill Hall isn't hurt long term.

Anonymous said...

i agree hoffman looks extremely hittable. but the man throws strikes. nice to have a closer who isn't gonna beat himself with walks.