Monday, May 4, 2009

How's THAT For A 9th Inning?

Remember Andy Capp's Hot Fries? They always seemed like a good idea, mostly because they were like 15 cents and the real chips were like $.30. Two for the price of one! Great idea until you ate a handful...tasted like stale bread dipped in molten lava. Well, the Pirates' Matt Capps (no relation) pitched about as well as those Hot Fries tasted. 4-3 Pirates, top of the 9th. Enter Capps and start the merry-go-round:

Sac Fly (run scores)
Bomb (Dickie Weeks!!)
Ball Game

The Brewers beat Pittsburgh for the 72nd straight time. Nice work, Capps.


Anonymous said...

The Andy Capps Cheese Fries were better, although they still sucked.

Dick Weeks is making up for the last 2 years this season. Who would have picked him to lead the team in HRs after a month?

Tim said...

We used to go to the day old hostess store and you could buy the giant bags of hot fries 2 for a dollar. To this day, nothing has given me worse gas. But when you grow up in a small town you would often find yourself lighting your farts on fire for entertainment, so I believe that my friends and I kept that store afloat for a few years.