Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ahhh...to be a Pirates fan

I remember the feeling. I had it between 1993 and 2004. It's the feeling of despair. Pure pessimism. You second guess everything. You do nothing but moan and groan.

So for your reading enjoyment: check out this post and read some of the comments over at Pat Lackey's Pirates' blog: WHYGAVS

Here's a couple of dandies to start it off:

Someday, we're going to beat the Brewers. And it's going to be awesome.

Why did he take out Maholm, who had great stuff tonight, after 98 pitches in favor
of Tyler F***ing Yates?!?

Someday, the Pirates will beat the Brewers? The question is will any of us still be alive by then? We might have all died of old age by then.

And my personal favorite:

What actually transpired:
(Russell replaces Maholm with Yates)
Girlfriend: Awww, are the Pirates losing again?
Me: Not yet, give it a couple minutes
Girlfriend: You gotta stay optomistic
Me: Shouldn't you be cleaning or somthing?

I love being the team that the losing teams hate. Such an odd feeling...yet still magical at the same time.


AP said...

I was on a Pirates' blog the other night, and they were calling him Tyler "Flood Gates" Yates. I just thought that was funny.

Tim said...

A good friend of mine is from Pittsburgh, and I really feel bad for the guy. He has been telling me for years that he predicted this back in the early 90's when the Braves beat the Pirates in the playoffs. He knew he was in for a decade or so of suck, but never imagined two decades. I watched the Super Bowl with him, and after the Steelers won all he could do was immediately start talking about how bad the Pirates are. It is a tough existance.

Keith Ginter said...

I fell bad for our brothers in Pittsburgh. I mean not that bad, but still.
At least PNC is nice.

woziszeus said...

Too bad there were 800 people in attendance last night.

Seriously, that was about as pitiful as it gets.

The Clown performs in front of more people then were at the game last night.

Dogy said...

I have to admit... looking in those stand last night was depressing.

brock said...

Yep, can you imagine the atmosphere @ MP for the top of the 9th, compared to PNC? different world

Dogy said...

I've seen more people at a Madison Mallards game.

Matt said...

In their defense, there was some sort of a professional hockey game going on last night involving a Pittsburgh team. Details are sketchy.

woziszeus said...

What is this "hockey" you speak of?

Sounds Canadian.

Matt said...

Professional hockey is kind of a big deal in some parts of the country, like Columbus, Nashville and Anaheim.

Dogy said...


BB said...

Non-professional hockey is also kind of a big deal in some parts of the country... like Madison. I find this out every year when my g/f asks if I want to go to a Badger game. I say, "No." Then, she yells at me.

Goldy said...

I am a fan of the Badger Hockey team, but find that most students who had hockey season tickets were complete tools. Similar to people in the band.

DOGY said...


Agreed. Also... I prefer the atmosphere at Admirals games to those at Badgers games. I don't know why... Probably because the significantly smaller Admirals crowd seems to have more HOCKEY FANS than that at a Badgers game. Or maybe because i can have a friggin beer.