Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow. Just, Wow.

How about a 1970s public service announcement about the dreaded Swine Flu...from the Packers. Yup, Johnny Gray and Steve Lake (never heard of him) urges you to get the Swine Flue shot ASAP. Classic. From

Swine Flu: The Packers from brienlee on Vimeo.


wv23 said...

your friend anonymous has come over to leave racial slurs at wv23:

"Glad to see that spic Zambrano put on the shelf. Can't wait to sweep you this weekend (and get more Cubs fans kicked out of the stadium in the 1st, lol). Gotta love being friends with a few ushers. Spend big $ on tickets and parking and go home early, you rubes."

Anonymous said...'s Steve Luke

brad said...

My bad.