Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goldy's Response: "What Do You Mean, Right Now?"

I saw this earlier today but didn't have time to throw it up on the old blog.

Here's my quote of the week, compliments of Corey Hart, as told to Anthony Witrado in his story on the J-S:

"I'm (terrible) right now. That's my quote," Hart said.

Who says professional athletes lack self-awareness? And what's with the parentheses? Did he use a naughty word in place of (terrible)?


garcia said...

The naughty word was "Corey"

Tim said...


cobra said...

(playing like I was playing after the all star game last year)

rex jaybels said...

(going to have say that Audrey Hepburn was the best screen characterization of Natasha in King Vidor's version War and Peace, at least that's how I feel)

I'm probably off.

woziszeus said...

(Not so sure the Allied invasion of North Africa was even necessary during World War II. It only delayed the inevitable cross-channel invasion of Europe via France, with an unnecessary loss of life.)

I suppose I could be off too.

Lance's Other Nut said...


/someone had to do it