Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Trivia

Brewers career OBP leaders - Name the Top 5? No cheating.


woziszeus said...

1) Paul Molitor
2) Mark Loretta
3) Jeff Cirillo
4) Jeremy Burnitz
5) Darryl Hamilton

Matt said...

1) Alex Sanchez
2) Corey Hart
3) Bill Hall
4) Rob Deer
5) Sean Berry

KL Snow said...

I'll go with Molitor, Cirillo, Overbay, Sexson and Braun.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

1)Paul Molitor
2)Robin Yount
3)Cecil Cooper
4)Prince Fielder
5)Jeff Cirillo

Larry Wayne said...

1. Rob Deer
2. Corey Hart
3. Bill Hall
4. Ricky Weeks
5. Craig Counsell

Scooter said...

1) Paul Householder
2) Billy Jo Robideaux
3) Johnny Briggs
4) Mark Brouhard
5) Rene Lachmann

AP said...

???(I'd just be guessing at this point)

Matt said...

Brad tells me that the answer is:

1. Jeff Cirillo
2. Paul Molitor
3. Jeromy Burnitz
4. John Jaha
5. David Nillson (aka the Saucy Aussie)

I have not verified this fact myself, and am taking Brad's word on this one.

I'm shocked that Alex Sanchez wasn't on this list. He must not have enough at-bats to qualify.