Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun with Numbers on a Friday

Pop Quiz for all the loyal CH readers:

The subject is Mr. Chad Fox. Former Brewer reliever and standard MLB journeyman. Guy is/was hurt constantly.

How much cash do you think over the course of his career he made per inning?

No cheating. The numbers are pulled from his baseball reference page. I find it somewhat laughable if you think about in the grand scheme of things.


cobra said...


AP said...


Matt said...

I'll say $15,501. Sorry AP.

ClownShipLollypop said...


ClownShipLollypop said...

On a completely unrelated subject, but also dealing with money... Does anyone else watch Tru TV worlds dumbest criminals?

Last night they had a guy who stole a check from his girlfriends mom and wrote it out for 3 billion dollars.

garcia said...


~~Last "Price is Right" Contestant

woziszeus said...

The Clown was the closest...winner winner chicken dinner.

Chad Fox:
228 innings (over parts of 10

$18,900 per inning.

Yeah, he wasn't bad when he was healthy...but I'm just saying...something doesn't seem right about that.

Matt said...

Clown was over, though. Sorry to pop his balloon, or rub his red nose in it, but I win.

Sorry AP.

Tim said...

Trevor Hoffman. Clap, clap, clap clap clap.

marshalledwards said...

I pay a lot of money for access to this blog. Where are our weekend updates? :-)