Saturday, May 30, 2009

Very nice win tonight

That was a great game to watch today. Great to see the bats finally wake up in the 5th. It would be nice to kill the Reds tomorrow and have some great momentum heading in to the 7 game road trip. Very good effort by McClung. Plus, he got to run the bases. Also good to see Corey Hart get on a couple times. Hopefully the homer yesterday can get him going.

Also would like to mention the every special moment that occurred at Friday night's game. For the first time ever, all 4 Chuckie Hackers were together at one location. Thee meeting occurred at the entrance to Section 424. It was quite the occasion, I assure you.


Charlie Marlow said...

Huh. I was in 419. Were you the dudes getting kicked out by the cops for flinging that girl's shoes over the rail?

Anonymous said...

That should never happen again. One of you always needs to be safely away in an undisclosed location to carry on the legacy of CH just in case something terrible happens.

Goldy said...

I agree, having all 4 of us in one place is a dangerous thing. The meeting was abruptly ended when Braun was thrown out at the plate and most of us were beerless.