Monday, May 18, 2009

Breakout Season Is Over

Well, this news is below average.

Get well soon, Rickie.

We're about to get a big dose of Craig Counsell and Casey McGehee in the Brewers lineup for the remainder of 2009.

Another option is to see if Gamel can hack it at 3B and move Hall over to 2B, but Hall has been so good defensively at 3B that I'd be hesitant to do that given what we think (know?) about Gamel's defense.


fish said...

This is too bad, I think Weeks would have been an allstar this year. Does Escobar get a shot at second now?

Anonymous said...

Escobar's stats have fallen lately, so he probably doesn't have the offense needed to be a good option.

And you know despite Mark A. making tens of millions with the increased value of the franchise since he bought the team, he'll play the "can't lose money this year" card and won't let Doug sign anybody decent.

3rd place in the division.
2 games under .500.
game over.

Tomas said...

Really Anonymous, game over?? Just because Weeks goes down?? Get a grip fella. They'll be fine. Geez.

Goldy said...

Yah, "Game Over" because Weeks goes down is a little dramatic. I agree that this throws off the whole line-up, but calling it a season is a bit much.

For me, it's not so much the loss of Ricky, but what it means to everyone else. Someone else who is not a lead-off hitter will have to hit there. Counsell will level out playing every day. Will Hall see more playing time and continue to suck against righties? Will Gamel be able to play 3rd in the bigs?

woziszeus said...

Mat Gamel.

Get on board.