Monday, May 18, 2009

I thought the pitching staff was doing ok...

But according to this guy, it's a problem.

3. Brewers (10): Sure, they just beat up on Florida, but Brew Crew has been knocking down the fences and stood up to the Cubs. Pitching remains the problem, but Trevor Hoffman is healthy (for now) at the end. write for one of the largest newspapers in the country, you list the Brewers as the 3rd best team in all of baseball yet casually mention that their pitching "remains the problem?" In what context?

Starting pitching? I've mentioned this a couple times the last week or so, but I don't quite see how leading Major League Baseball in Quality Starts is the sign of a problem. How about being tied for 6th in starter's ERA? They are also in the top 10 in WHIP, and for the K/BB ratio and K/9 ratio.

Soooo...again...what there any kind of objective research done to make such a statement? Or was it just a subjective (a better word might be arbitrary) opinion of a guy who maybe doesn't know what he's talking about? Who knows?

Anyway, if you want my OPINION, I can't find too many holes right now in the Brewers' pitching staff. Note that I didn't even bring up the bullpen, which has been lights out since the addition of Hells Bells.

AND: I have no more energy to write anything else on this post, after Gamel's home run and Braun's absurd catch.

Get on the train people. GET ON.

Hat tip to Two Name for informing me about the Tribune article.


Anonymous said...

Suppan for President!

grammy said...

saw these rankings the other day. still puzzled on the description for the crew. he clearly doesn't pay attention to details.