Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And It Continues

Go Cards
. Indeed. Upset about shirt untucking. And feces in diaper.

Seriously. Just stop it. Stop. It.

A rivalry that has its roots in Milwaukee’s public awe and open emulation of the St. Louis Cardinals franchise a few years ago has turned decidedly spicy.

Milwaukee's public awe and open emulation? Really? An example, please? And don't say that it was because St. Louis pounded Milwaukee on the field a few years ago. Everybody did. The team was awful.

Guess what? Nobody cares about the Cardinals in Milwaukee. Nobody. The Brewers fans in Milwaukee who fixate on such things (and admittedly, there are some) focus all of their energy at the Cubs in hopes of a Cubs loss. Meaning that those folks are pretty happy right now. The fans who don't fixate on such things (such as yours truly) just enjoy watching the Brewers beat whomever is in the opposing dugout.

But I will admit to one thing. I very much enjoyed the public F You that the Brewers threw at the Cardinals yesterday by celebrating away from sensitive folks wearing Cardinals red (most specifically the journalists who cover the Cardinals), the people who seem to be the only ones concerned about the shirt untucking. If you go to the St. Louis Post Dispatch website, even the commenters on the stories are confused as to why the shirt untucking is a big deal.

Whatever. Untuck them again tonight, fellas.


brad said...

While not "fixated" on beating the Cards, I do take great pleasure in beating Tony LaVodka. It just so happens he currently manages those babies in St Louis. To recap, Tony LaVodka is a poop.

Anonymous said...

You know if the Cards win tonight or tomorrow they are going to do something to try and show us up. Which would be so pathetic, like when a football player gets all excited after making a tackle in a game they are losing 35-3.

I love in that article how they cling to their past success like it somehow matters in 2009. Most successful NL team ever. WHO CARES?