Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey, that was a big win and other thoughts

  • You know you are struggling at the plate when you come up to bat with the game on the line and Bill Schroeder is telling the viewing audience that now would be a good time for a wild pitch. However, Billy Hall came through with a clutch hit off of a righty to win the game. Good for Billy. Off the bat, I was thrilled because I though it was a blooper that won the game. Had no idea that thing would carry to the track.
  • Great celebration of running into the dugout. The Brewers are in the Cardinals heads at this point. I can't believe how often the shirt thing gets brought up. They should worry about winning games and stop worrying about how the Brewers act. The Brewers are the Badgers and the Cards are Michigan State. (Note: I spelled worrying wrong and Blogger suggested I replace it with "whoring". Awesome.)
  • Can't figure out why the Brewers always play like crap against the Twins. Maybe moving out of the dome and into the new stadium will help the Crew out.
  • I don't know hoe tonight's game is going, but I think every game in the Lakers-Nuggets series has entered the final 3 minutes in the exact same situation. Nuggets up 2 and doing their best to piss away the game.
  • I think there is no way the NBA and its officials does not provide us with a Cavs-Lakers finals. Think conspiracy along the lines of 2001. Denver-Orlando? While I would like that, there is no way the NBA allows this to happen.
  • I have watched a fair amount of the Blackhawks-Red Wings series. Honestly, overtime playoff hockey is great to watch. The only problem is that the Fratelli's song that they play after each 'Hawks goal gets stuck in your head.
  • Finished the Madison Half-Marathon in under 2 hours (Time was 1 hour and 55 minutes.) It was fun and I had a good time. I am a sore panda today, mostly when walking down steps, but it was worth it. Also, nothing says I just finishes a half-marathon like heading over to Old Chicago for lunch and scarfing down a calzone and 4 Dews.
  • Nothing caps off a long day of half-marathon running and going to a buddy's wedding liking meeting up with Woz on the way home from the wedding for a beer and watching him attempt to be a Good Samaritan by helping a drunk girl light her cigarette and dig through her purse.
  • At our table at the wedding, there were three Blackberrys out providing constant updates on the game. This was surpassed by the groom sending out text messages during the reception providing game updates. Congrats Nubs. Both on the marriage to a great girl and your Brewers dedication. Championship season '09. I like it!
  • The Cobra was denied, which was very unfortunate.
  • Josie's on a vacation far away.
  • A big homestand this week will wipe away the bad memories of the Twins series. The offense needs to get it going again.
  • Yo's K of Pujols in the 8th was great. Albert was sitting dead red on a fastball and Yo got him with the breaking pitch. Feel how you want about Albert, but he is the best hitter in the game and it's not often that you see him swinging at pitches bouncing in front of the plate. Great effort and the stuff "aces" are made of.
  • Yo had a high pitch count, but he was needed in this game. This was a huge game for the Crew and I have no problem with the pitch count, as long as it's not an every outing thing.
  • I am shocked that nobody has purchased a Chuckie Hacks women's tank top yet.
  • That's all I got. Thanks for your continued readership of Chuckie Hacks.


Anonymous said...

If it ends up being Denver-Orlando, I don't see how anyone can ever accuse the NBA of any conspiracy again.

Bill Hall wins games. The run off was hilarious.

greatone said...

I will take credit for Yo's pitch in the 8th. I was sitting in the 5the row behind the cardinals bench. He threw the same pitch 2-2, I yelled Yo throw the same 55 foot slider and give him 1st base he will swwing. I was dead on.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I was flipping around after I got home from the game to see what other FS feeds were available. I stumbled upon the Cards post game show.

1. Cal Eldred is on there. I had no idea. I think I hate him now.

2. One of the guys mumbled just before the break "We didn't get to see them untuck as they ran into the dugout"

I used to say get over it, now I revel in the fact that they can't.

Calvin Eldred said...

Sometimes I hate myself.

Tim said...

Congrats on the Half, Goldy.

Congrats to Macha for using Hoffman in the 9th. Not enough managers use their closers properly in that situation.

Kyle said...

More from the St. Louis media

Sara M said...

If I had money, I'd buy a CH tank.

Tomas said...

Sara M
I'm sure one of the Chuckie boys would let you pay for your tank in "other" ways. It just a matter of how bad you want it (I mean the tank).

Goldy said...

Does this make Sara M. the 3rd female reader?

Sara M said...


Goldy said...

Awesome. Congrats Sara on this esteemed position.