Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rodgers Slightly Better Than Jay Fiedler?

Greg A. Bedard's (Don't forget the "A") Daily Packer Briefings are getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Today's nonsense includes this nugget:

The Packers are a team that lost seven of their last eight games (not counting the Lions, sorry). Aaron Rodgers still hasn't proven he's that much better than Jay Fiedler, Taylor's former teammate that went 35-17 with crappy receivers his first four seasons replacing Dan Marino.

I was always under the impression that Miami hasn't done a good job replacing Marino. Guess I was wrong. Actually, Fiedler is awesome! That 35-17 record computes to a better winning percentage than the career mark of (ready for this?): Brett Favre, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, John Elway, and Johnny Unitas - among many others. Jay Fiedler for HALL OF FAME!! For the record, Jay's career numbers are 69 TDs, 66 INTs, and a 77 QB rating.

I realize numbers don't necessarily make a good QB. But if Bedard suggests a QB's win/loss record is the most important measure of a about trading Rodgers (6-10 as a starter) for Kyle Orton (21-12), Tavaris Jackson (10-9), Brian Griese (45-38) or Rex Grossman (19-12)? You think he'd support that move? Please. Bedard would develop arthritis from typing his disgust and venom so fast.


Anonymous said...

bedard is a joke

Anonymous said...

Wow. Simply stunning.

Bedard finds a new low. Impressive.