Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eastern Kentucky Owns Kentucky State's Soul

Eastern Kentucky 49, Kentucky State 1. In baseball. Only 5 innings were played and the back end of the doubleheader was scratched. Yikes! Good thing State scored that one run, or it really would have gotten out of control. The Thorobreds have a pretty solid program - they've lost other games this year by scores of 19-0, 18-1, 29-2, and 22-4.

Didn't Hideous Cunt Cletidus Hunt go to Kentucky State?

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paul said...

yeah, C.hunt went to kentucky state, but before that he went to Northwest Mississippi Community College, which is where i assume he learned the hypnosis he used to trick mike sherman into that contract. him and darious holland should have a slow, lazy fight to the death