Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday afternoon blood boilers

Below is some stuff from all over that made my blood boil upon reading. Could this become a new segment on CH...??? As Kent Brockman would say, "Only time...will tell."

Bus Cook's continuing saga of Billupsdom:

We've reached a point in sports stories where there is almost too much information. Do we really have to know what Bus was quoted as saying about not being able to reach Jay Cutler?
"I didn't reach Jay directly -- I don't know what he was doing -- but I left a message. Then Brian called at the end of the day and asked me if I had heard from him. I hadn't. I heard from Jay when he called to tell me he just saw on TV he was being traded. They can spin it the way they want to spin it."

Like...OMG! At first he like...wouldn't call me I was like, "dude, answer me" in a text. Who cares? I repeat: WHO EFFING CARES!?!

Prince Fielder is nothing but a fat DH who hits home runs, defense is more important.
Just an absolutely lovely sentence from Tom H's recent mailbag:
Q: Dawg13 - With Mat Gamil and Brad Nelson ready to step in at 1st base, will the Brewers consider trading Fielder as SI suggests? We need pitching and Fielder is a defensive liability. It seems to me were a lot stronger at the upper levels of the minor leagues in position players than pitchers. What we lose in HR's we may pick up in defensive saves. Fielder looks more and more like a DH.

Yeah Dawg! Defensive saves! That's what we need! Home runs are for greedy players!

The most moronic man on the face of the planet writes for the "Journal Times" apparently:
We've got several from this one...hat tip to Goldy for emailing it out this afternoon:

Barring some unforeseen trade, I fully expect the Brewers to take a free fall in the standings, one where they’ll end up in fourth place in the National League Central behind the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals and Houston Astros.

Ohhhhh!!!!! Hey now! He "fully" expects? Well then...lock it in! Mr. Infallible! The Brewers are going to free fall! Seriously chump, the Houston Astros? Is this supposed to be an elaborate hoax? Let me double-check to see if he wrote this on April Fool's Day (checking...nope...he's just an idiot). Dude, let me inform you of something. The Astros suck. EVERYBODY has them FREE FALLING this year. They are a bunch of old guys who overachieved last year. Any team that needs any sort of a contribution from Darin Erstad is in serious trouble to contend.
If you thought Brett Favre was a prima donna, look out for Aaron Rodgers.

While Rodgers hasn’t done anything remotely close to what Favre accomplished, it’s amply apparent he craves the limelight. At the Super Bowl, which most quarterbacks won’t go near because of all the hassles, Rodgers hung out at media row. Then, at a recent Bucks’ game at the Bradley Center, Rodgers, instead of inconspicuously sitting in a luxury suite, sat courtside near center court.

The NERVE of Aaron Rodgers! How dare he! How dare he sit courtside! Everybody knows the key to long-term success in the NFL is by attending NBA games inconspicuously!

There's more in that article...but I'll stop there. I'll end on a more funny note from Tom H.'s chat again.
# Q: sam , green bay - what is up with jeffery jefferson? where is he starting the season ans was he hurt or some other reason i did not see him this spring?
# A: Tom Haudricourt - Perhaps you are referring to Jeremy Jeffress?

Nice work Sam. Way to double-check...I don't know...the dude's freaking name you are trying to get information about before firing off a drunken email to the state newspaper.

Anyway, what's the bottom line here? I don't know. The winter's been too long and thank God the regular season is about to start.


Matt said...

To be fair, the Astros are also counting on large contributions from Mike Hampton and Russ Ortiz.

And no, before you check your calendar, it is not 2002.

Oh, they're also scrambling to compensate for the loss of Aaron Boone at 3B - who recently had open heart surgery.

Goldy said...

I have a feeling that starting Thursday night, things will take a turn for the better for Woz.

HP said...

The guy that commented on trading Prince obviously just got done reading sports illustrated. Woz i recommend this article about systems for analyzing defense. It is a good read talking about how some guys are overrated fielders based on reputation(ie torii hunter) and others are underated(Carlos Gomez). At some point I think the Brewers will certainly trade fielder, and I think it comes down to when we get the best value and when we have the most developed replacement.

HP said...

It also talked about the plus/minus system on runs saved vs. an average player. The Phillies had the best and the Royals the worst, which correlate to how the teams did on the season.