Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bears Fans Can Thank Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers' numbers in two games vs Chicago: 47-69 (%68), 4 TDs, 2 picks, 94 passer rating.

Excellent numbers. Not earth-shattering, but very good. You know damn well at some point Bears management had a conversation that went something like this:

"What the F? Favre killed us for 16 years, now we have to deal with this guy for the next decade? Couldn't they have replaced #4 with some Bubby Brister-type guy? Screw the Jim Millers, Rex Grossmans, and Kyle Ortons of the world...lets go get a real QB."

Sentiment from Chicagoland runs the gamete - from shocked to ecstatic to not buying it. Me? I don't like it one bit. Don't know who he'll throw it to, but WRs are much easier to find than QBs. The distinct quarterback advantage Green Bay had in the NFC North has just been nullified. I'd still rather have Rodgers (Cutler is rumored to be a lunk-headed drunkard who's dedication to football is questioned), but Cutler's ability is obvious.


Anonymous said...

It obviously makes them better this year, but we don't know how losing the #1s will hurt until we see what they do with their other picks.

Still better than him going to Minny as they actually have some WRs.

AP said...

Wait, all of a sudden the Bears think it's important to have a good QB to win in this league? I thought it was defense & Special Teams that won Championships? I'm confused.....

(It's been so long since they had a decent QB, they won't know what to do with one. Expect LOTS of check downs to Forte next year.)

Kroll's Burger said...

I am not the least bit scared.

The defense and Hester are yesterday's news.

If Dom gets us flyin around, the Bears will be distant in our rear view.

greatone said...

I will throw this out for all Bears fans that read this site, I will WAGER ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT RODGERS WILL HAVE A BETTER RECORD VS CUTLER OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS.

Also I'm willing to wager that the Packers have a better record than the Bears in 2009.

grammy said...



grammy said...

look at angelo's track record with first round picks. it's not pretty and have been proven to be absolutely useless with them. trade 'em away and use them to get cutler...brilliant. if you are familiar with bears lore, getting a franchise qb has been essential and the most important thing for this franchise to accomplish. not many wr's? fine (take one in the second round)...they still have eight picks in the draft and there are still solid fa wr's still available...i.e. holt!

honestly, i can give a shit what packer fans are saying: he's the second best qb in the division. cry baby. he'll never be better than rodgers. rodgers is blah blah blah blah....not important. whats important is that a nfc north rival has gotten an established bowl, 25, can throw the long ball....sweet. diabetes? yes, but not gonna hold that against the guy. and c'mon, i dig rodgers game...really tough cat who can make throws and make things disrespect on this end....but having cutler is fucking awesome!!!!

plain and simple, the bears have a quarterback. it feels good to say that and actually believe it for a change.

first real quarterback for the bears in my lifetime....ahhh.

Nubs said...

Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory;
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down.

Ted Thompson said...

Hello? Where am I? Is this thing on? When is Savannah State's pro day?

favre lovers and rodgers haters said...

Cutler sucks! He's only 17-20 as a starter! Why would they bring in this career loser to replace him with Orton who was 21-12! Its all about wins and losses!!! Orton is awesome!

Charlie Marlow said...

Wait til he sits out next year because he wants a contract extension. Or because coach yelled at him. Or because his wide receivers don't like him. Or because he plays football.

Hey Chicago: I like your new vagina!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cutler - 1976 called and it wants its hairstyle back.

The Thrill said...

Jay Cutler won't hold a candle to Aaron Rodgers'upcoming season with the Pack. The Pack have a legit offense with receiving threats, and a run game.