Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fearless Predictions

I happened to catch the MLB Network's season preview today - pretty standard fare when they got to the NL Central. No F bombs, even!

The 9 network "experts" picked the order of finish for the division - the Cubs were the unanimous choice to win the division. Various folks picked the Brewers 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th(!)

Yes, Al Leiter and Shawn Casey think that the Brewers are going to finish 5th in the division. Ahead of only the Pirates.



paul said...

yeah, C.hunt went to kentucky state, but before that he went to Northwest Mississippi Community College, which is where i assume he learned the hypnosis he used to trick mike sherman into that contract. him and darious holland should have a slow, lazy fight to the death

paul said...

dammit, wrong topic i guess.

Anonymous said...

Al Leiter is a dick. And Mark is too.

wv23 said...

matt -

clear something up for me: do you think the brewers will finish ahead or behind the pirates?

it wasn't 100 percent clear...

happy opening day, everybody.

rex jaybels said...

I can in no way see the Brewers finishing behind either the Astros or the Reds.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I could see the Reds surprising some people, but the Astro's and Pirates will be pure shit.

We may be a tad sketch on the pitching, but this team can flat out rake.

Garcia said...

Why do people think the Reds are going to surprise? Is it their dominant pitching? Or is it Jay Bruce and Joey Votto in the middle of their line-up?

While I believe their pitching is a little better than the Brewers, their offense (in my mind) is terrible. You can work around those two awesome players that are way overrated. Join Pittsburgh and Houston at the bottom fellas..

If anyone, Houston will surprise cause they have the firepower to do so.