Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Take This to the Bank

My well-researched predictions for the NL Central. Wins in parentheses.

1. Chicago Cubs (89). Have a tremendous advantage over the Milwaukee Brewers, having played 2 less games in 2008 than Milwaukee did. The fresh Cubs will be too tough to overcome in 2009.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (85). Because I never pick them lower than 2nd.

3. Milwaukee Brewers (83). Has any other team ever slotted its worst pitcher in as the Opening Day starter? Innovative approach, but won't be enough this year.

4. Cincinnati Reds (79, or 100*). Rumored to be sniffing The Glue. (*If Jenkins is brought into the fold, they might win the division.)

5. Houston Astros (62). Pudge, Tejada, Mike Hampton, Russ Ortiz, Darin Erstad? A hell of a team in 2000.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates (60). I look forward to being to predict a 5th place finish for the Pirates in the coming years.


wv23 said...

Enter NL Central lineup contest, Matty. And you other people, too.

Matt said...

Complete. I look forward to not winning.

wv23 said...

you don't want a wv23 shirt?

your predictions seem quite reasonable.

Matt said...

Thank you. I pride myself on my reasonableness. Except when Ted Thompson is involved.

It's not that I don't want to win. I just don't ever win. Anything.

Actually, I'd prefer that I not win, and that my predictions be very wrong this year, and that Milwaukee displaces the Cubs atop the NL Central. I'd also prefer to not have Jeff Suppan starting the season opener for the Brewers.

kevin said...

Maybe the 09 crew can be the 08 twins. Both teams had big departures in the rotation in cc and santana and had no expectations. Then have to count on there 2 young kids on the top of the rotation to carry em. The twins pulled it off, hopefully the crew can to otherwise it is gonna be a long summer