Monday, April 6, 2009

Brewers win total prediction post

Opening Day is upon us, but for whatever reason, the Brewers don't start until tomorrow. While that sucks, it gives us an extra day to come up with out Brewer predictions for the year.

Since the beginning of this blog, I have been off on my win totals. In 2007, I predicted 75 to 78 victories. I was a couple short that year as the Brewers reached the 82-win mark (I think, I don't exactly remember. Last year I came back with a prediction of a 78-win season. Well, that was terrible, what was I thinking.

This year, I think I am going to go with a 83-79 record. It seems pretty clear this year what the issues are. Same position players, new bench and a new pitching staff. The one thing I like about this team is that they made the playoffs last season and I think it is safe to say that nobody on the offensive side played out of their minds good last season. If the Brewers can have some guys have better than expected seasons, this team could be an offensive juggernaut. After years of dislike, I am fully on the J.J. Hardy bandwagon. As my buddy Tony said, when he is on, he is an MVP candidate, when he is off, he is just Corey Hart. Well said my friend.

However, I share the same concerns everyone else does, the pitching staff. That thing just scares me. But you never know, maybe Bush and Parra put together full seasons and Gallardo becomes that #1 starter that everyone thinks he will be. Maybe Chuckie V. comes out on fire in the closers role. who knows. I just don't want to see Julio in too many games.

Anyway, what are your predictions for the Brewers this year?


graf said...

whats up with all the hart bashing? i don't see how you guys can think he's a bad player, just doesn't make sense. he's gonna have a big year and will be good for years to come. i'm looking for the crew to lock him up.

ClownShipLollypop said...

Clown Predicts:

Brewers 91-71

I think our hitting will make up for a lot of bad pitching.

The bullpen will be better than anticipated.

Bush and Parra will step up big.

Weeks actually has a respectable year. .278 W/ 79 RBI / 23 Hr's.

Counsell has 3 walk off walks

McGehee sees a lot of time at 3B as Hall continues to swing at every low and outside shitball.

Hardy has a career year. .302 / 26 HR

Hart will make a comment about how Brewers fans suck because they don't have tractor tattoo's.

Keith Ginter said...

Parra is the man who may surprise people.
Little pressure on him since he is the 3rd/4th man.
And, He has the talent to be a B+ pitcher.

Manny P (mark it down)
3.79 ERA

If he can pull this off, it lessens the load on Yo, Soup, Bush and Looper--less injuries--less pressure--less moves to the PEN.

80-85 wins for the club

Looper is the real question, I still dont trust him. He implodes early and we have a shot of reordering and getting to 85. He implodes late and we have the constant McClung back and forth type shit, then we will pick up win number 80 on the last day of the year.
(you can substitute Soup for Loop in the aforesaid, remains applicable)

Matt said...

You people don't understand how difficult it must have been for Goldy to write those semi-complimentary things about JJ Hardy.

thecobra said...


Cubs:110-52 Swept by Braves in the 1st round.

AP said...

I'll say, 83 wins.

Anonymous said...

Put me down for 82-80.

Decent April and May, shitty June, July, and mid-August. Nice finish.

Tim said...

It would be slightly worse if I didn't think the late relief is going to be a helluva lot better than last year. There are going to be a lot of games this year that end 10-8 or 12-9. Holding on to the lead late, or being able to actually win a game after clawing back from a 3 or 4 run deficit will be critical.

garcia said...

I was a little too positive last time I wrote, so my new Prediction is thus


Missing the post-season

the other brad said...

75-87, mostly due to Braun never being totally healthy and a few other injuries that will hurt us.

paul said...

90-72. I am immersed in kool-ade

Larry Wayne said...

78 wins

Nubs said...

89-73 They find a way to get it done, Wild Card second year in a row.

Lance's Other Wins said...

Why does everyone like Hart?

Is it because he comes out to a country song?

Corey Hart sucks.

Oh, 84 wins.

Anonyous Adam said...

I say 88 wins due mostly to good depth in the minors and high ticket sales in a buyers market leading to some trades that help the pitching later in the season

KL Snow said...

I'll go with 85, and since I think the Cubs will disappoint, that means they'll only miss winning the division by a game.

Anonymous said...


brad said...

I'll go with 85.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with 87-75.

Other bold prediction: The Brewers will win more games than the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

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