Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekly Bucks Report!

Two Name is back with his best Weekly Bucks Report yet!

The Weekly Bucks Report is posted every Tuesday morning on CH...until the Bucks get mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. But hey...they hold the 8th playoff spot! Where's the love Milwaukee?!

I haven’t written a Weekly Bucks Report since March 1, and while the Bucks’ record got worse and they appear to be running out of gas, they are in the same spot they were back when February expired.
Milwaukee (31-38) is seven games under .500, but somehow, some way, the Bucks still hold the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race. They lost five of six heading into Sunday’s contest with the Celtics, but the Bucks played solid defense and upset Boston at the BC on Sunday. The Celtics played without KG, but everyone knows the Bucks’ injury situation so there are no excuses for Boston.
The Bulls are a half game behind the Bucks and own the tiebreaker, but Chicago had lost seven straight before beating New Orleans Saturday. Talk about two teams “fighting” for their playoff lives by consistently losing to teams they should be beating. Regardless, no matter how ugly this season will end, the playoffs are still a realistic possibility for Milwaukee.
Milwaukee’s schedule is much tougher than Chicago’s the rest of the way, but nobody can predict what will happen with these squads. New Jersey and New York are still in the mix for the eighth spot, but I think it will be the Bucks and Bulls fighting until the end. The Bucks host Orlando and Portland this week and then head to the road for four straight games.
The Bucks face Toronto, Orlando, Miami and New Jersey to end the month of March. None of these games are gimmes, but the Bucks should split this trip if they want to ensure that playoff spot. Dwayne Wade has been ridiculous lately, so I don’t see them beating Miami in South Beach. I think the Bucks will beat Orlando at home this week, but the Magic will seek revenge in Florida. So I have the Bucks beating Toronto and New Jersey on that trip.

Playing the lottery: Say the Bucks fail to make the playoffs, who would you guys want John Hammond to draft? You would have to think Blake Griffin and DeJuan Blair would be high on the Bucks’ wish list (and every other team’s, for that matter), but they aren’t realistic possibilities. Blair is reportedly staying at Pitt next year, and Griffin will be the top pick. Unless the Bucks get lucky, there’s little chance they would land the Sooner stud. Who would you want the Bucks to pick if they end up in the lottery?

Bogut update: Why doesn’t the Journal Sentinel give us any update on Andrew Bogut? Is he truly done for the season? What’s going on with his back? Is there a chance he would come back if they made the playoffs? Of course, we’re left to ask those questions and get absolutely no answers from the reporters covering the team? Par for the course. Has anybody heard something that I’ve missed?

Player of the week: Richard Jefferson finally has stepped up to the level Bucks fans expected him to when Yi was sent to New Jersey. He’s averaging about 25 points per game in March, and he’s taking over as the team’s primary threat late in games – at least when Charlie V is off his game or in foul trouble. The Bucks will need RJ to continue his solid play to make the playoffs.

This week: Milwaukee hosts Orlando and Portland this week. I foresee a split, as the Bucks will beat the Magic and fall to the Jail Blazers.


woziszeus said...

I only got 1 word for you sir...


Could you imagine trotting that beast out there next to Bogut?

Anonymous said...

Earl Clark!!

brad said...

The Bucks are 31-38 but still in the playoffs? That's just stupid. The NBA is retarded. What's the point...just shoot that league like a horse.

woziszeus said...

Brad wouldn't be talking that way if he sat courtside with high rollers like Goldy and I (or Aaron Rodgers).

I only watch NBA games live now if I get a 75% discounted courtside seat. Trust me, it's enjoyable.

Todd said...

Woz-Just make sure you don't buy from that little guy outside the BC, "Jinxty." Notorious swindler, resells already used printed internet tix.

two name said...

Is Jinxty the dude with one leg on crutches? That cat is always out there scheming.

And Woz, Thabeet is soft. Blair manhandled him and he's three inches shorter than Thabeet. But he's only been playing basketball for like five years, so he's pretty raw. I'd take Blair over anyone.

grammy said...

the schedule the rest of the way for the bucks is brutal. not too sure about the playoffs.

kantwistaye said...

Obviously the best choice would be Griffin, but he's be gone at number one. Greg Monroe is a great talent so he'd be a good pick as long as the Bucks would be patient with him.