Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Give It To Obama - He'll Spend It

Ted has the Packers sitting at $29 million under the 2009 salary cap. While Ted looks for his checkbook, we here at Chuckie Hacks thought we could give Ted some suggestions on how to spend that money:

1. Obtain every 5th round pick in the 2009 draft.

2. Trade for Brett Favre.

3. Extend Greg Jennings and pay him a base 2009 salary of $22 million.

4. Buy a 15,000 square foot "green" mansion in Florida.

5. Sign Cletidus Hunt.

6. Sign Albert Haynesworth, or Bart Scott, or Ray Lewis, or maybe Chris Canty to bolster the terrible defense. Wait, free agency started already? When the hell did that happen?

7. Can't spend it - Bernie Madoff has it. But he should get $29 back after everything is all figured out.

8. Install laser jamming technology to protect commercial airliners from shoulder-fired rockets.

9. Stock up on Great Looking Grey hair gel.

10. Fund a reality show called “American Punter” which fans vote in the next GB punter.

11. Hire multiple bodyguards protecting him from the Favre family.

12. Build a “Marquand Manuel Wing” at the Packers Hall of Fame.


Anonymous said...

thats funny

Bill said...

I value Matt's sarcasm... always have.

Keep it up.

Sarah said...

That provided the laugh I needed for today; awesome. Thanks!


Nubs said...

well done sir. I vote for Ted to have the balls and spend it on the Raspberry jam devise