Monday, March 2, 2009

This One Takes The Cake

Of all the ridiculous contracts handed out to NFL players, this one's the worst. Tampa Bay inked WR Michael Clayton to a 5 year - $26 million deal. Yup, the same guy who killed your fantasy team a few years ago. After a sweet rookie year, he's basically been Todd Pinkston...but worse, much worse. Clayton's career numbers:

2004: 80 rec, 1193 yds, 7 tds
2005: 32 rec, 372 yds, 0 tds
2006: 33 rec, 356 yds, 1 td
2007: 22 rec, 301 yds, 0 tds
2008: 38 rec, 484 yds, 1 td

26 million dollars...awesome.


AP said...

Maybe that's the new trend. Colin Cole's "career" year was in 2005, and as you point out Clayton's "big" year was 2004. It looks like anyone who was putting up big numbers 4 years ago is the way to go in free agency.

Let's get Chris Chambers, Jake Plummer, Sean Alexander, and Rod Smith on the phone! I'd totally rather pay those guys than Greg Jennings.

Hey, Jason Taylor is available. I suggest 6 years/63 million.

rex jaybels said...

No worries. If Garcia leaves Brian Greise will be throwing him the ball, so I expect another breakout season.


garcia said...

i know it's preseason but....


Anonymous said...

Do you realize it's 100% about the guarantee money, I bet of that 26 probably 5-8 is guaranteed, not like he is worth that but still.

Seriously like Hanseworth is going to get 100 million from the Native Americans. He will gone from that team within 5 years, and collected probably 50-60 million of it.

NFL is not like NBA or MLB where you can cut a guy and say k bye. It's all about guaranteed money not the final numbers.

David said...

These sport contracts are getting a little ridiculous. I mean come on, how much money do they really need? $100MM for 7 years? That's crazy!!!! In 20 years these guys are going want almost a billion dollar contract, and that's no joke. In an economy that's going down the drain, these whiny athletes need more and more money. It people like this and Manny Ramirez that make me sick. Manny's too good for 2 years 45MM, you got to be kidding me. If I could make 45MM in two years I would do it in a heartbeat, no questions asked, instead he turns it down, because he can do better....Gimme a break.