Monday, March 2, 2009

Know Your Wisconsin Sports History

Where did these players attend college? Winner gets Woz's Chipotle wrapper autographed by Gabe Kapler.

Ex-Brewer and current CH commenter MarshallEdwards killed this quiz.

If You Don't Know This, Quit Now:
1) Mark Tauscher - Wisconsin

Only Hard If You're Dyslexic:
2) Big Dogg Robinson - Purdue
3) Paul Molitor - Minnesota
4) Tony Manderich - Michigan St

Getting Harder:
5) Sterling Sharpe - South Cackalacky
6) Vin Baker - Hartford
7) Sam Cassell - Flordia State, Mars Extension
8) Ahmad Carroll - Arkansas

Don't Even Try After An All-Day Tailgate:
9) Jack Sikma - Illinois Wesleyan
10) Bryce Paup - Nothern Iowa
11) Dale Ellis - Tennessee
12) Chris Jacke - UTEP
13) Lynn Dickey - Kansas State
14) Ricky Pierce - Rice
15) Tim Harris - Memphis

Stump The Schwaub Would Get These Wrong:
16) TJ Rubley - Tulsa
17) Alan Ogg - UAB


Woz said...

That's still up in the cubicle...along with the picture of Trenni

Nubs said...

Don't know too many of these. would be impressive if one of the hackers can pull this off without google help...

1) Mark Tauscher- UW
2) Big Dogg Robinson- Purdue
3) Paul Molitor- Minn
4) Tony Manderich- MSU

5) Sterling Sharpe - Grambling
6) Vin Baker- Hartford
8) Ahmad Carroll - Southern

11) Dale Ellis- Notre Dame

thats all I got and some guess work was clearly done.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Didn't Mandarich go to Tennessee?

AP said...

Sharpe was a Cock, right? Pun intended.

....and Cassell is a trick question because they don't have college on whatever planet he's from.

1-8 I can handle, but the rest are beyond me. Big Dogg is the only NBA player on that list I could get.

marshalledwards said...

Without Google, here goes (yes, I need a life):

1) Mark Tauscher - Wisconsin
2) Big Dogg Robinson - Purdue
3) Paul Molitor - Minny
4) Tony Mandarich - Mich St
5) Sterling Sharpe - South Car
6) Vin Baker - Hartford?
7) Sam Cassell - Fla St
8) Ahmad Carroll - Ark
9) Jack Sikma - Illinois Wesleyan? (it was some tiny school in ILL, I believe)
10) Bryce Paup - N Iowa
11) Dale Ellis - Tennessee?
12) Chris Jacke - UTEP
13) Lynn Dickey - K St
14) Ricky Pierce - Rice?
15) Tim Harris - Memphis
16) TJ Rubley - Tulsa?
17) Alan Ogg - Indiana?

brad said...

GOOD LORD! You got everyone correct exept Ogg. He went to UAB.

Nice work.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Very impressive indeed, I didn't even get Mandarich correct.

Goldy said...

good job Marshall. Did you confuse Allan Ogg with Uwe Blob? He went to IU. Speaking of IU, Crean sure acts like a jag on the sidelines.