Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gabe Kapler digs Chipotle!

Gabe Kapler is the man. Seriously.

I'm having lunch with some co-workers this afternoon at a place with a few outdoor tables. All of a sudden, I see Gabe freaking Kapler walk into the Chipotle that was next door. The only piece of paper I could scrounge up was an old parking ticket from one of the chicks I was with. It didn't matter. I had to get his autograph. I wouldn't be a legitimate blogger if I didn't do it.

Walking up to him was a little weird as he was half deep into his chicken burrito. He had it loaded with green tabasco sauce. Here's the exchange:
Me (whispering): "Excuse're Gabe Kapler right? (He was shorter than I thought...I had to be sure)"
Gabe: (nods his head).
Me: "Sorry to interrupt your burrito...but could I get an autograph?"
Gabe: "Sure."
Me: (Sheepishly handing him a parking ticket) "Uhhh...this is all I have...sorry."
Gabe: "No problem man."
Me: (As he signs): "It's great to have a guy like you on the team."
Gabe: "Thanks for your support."

And that was that. I head back to my table. Later Gabe came walking out...wearing jeans and sandals...and walked right by us on the way to his mercedes. Both of my female co-workers said they would do him.

Gabe Kapler is now my 7th favorite Brewer of all time. It's become clear we have several things in common:
-Chicks dig us
-We both take care of our bodies
-We were both excellent baseball players in our prime
-We both rock out Chipotle

I've got a feeling Gabe is going to have one hell of a series against the Phillies.


Krey said...

Good thing word hasn't gotten out to him about you and Geoff Jenkins.

one of the two female readers said...

Woz...that's the greatest post, and I love the scanned in parking ticket (with autograph). That is just priceless!
A brush with fame...I like it.

train said...

That's cool that your middle school lets you out for lunch.

lofty said...

When you say "It's great to have guys like you on the team" you mean jews right?

Wrigleyville said...

should you be putting your coworker's license plate number on the interweb?

lofty said...

I don't think it's a big deal unless someone points it out....oh wait.

Your only Jewish reader said...

It's passover, I don't think a burrito is very kosher! Moses i.e. Charleton Hesten is rolling over in his grave

Brad said...

Hey Only Jewish wouldn't happen to be Ryan Braun, would you?

Anonymous said...

Any way you could get an old Wlcome Back Kotter picture of Gabe Kaplan to use when doing Kabe Kapler stories?

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