Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness Is Great - Part VII

Hating You Brackets After Day 1
Yeah, I had Iowa State in the Final 4 the year they lost to #15 seed Hampton in round one. "They have an NBA point guard (Tinsley)!" was my argument. Oops. Paul Shirley couldn't put them over the top.

Everybody is all smiles when they turn that puppy in....for like a day. Then the upsets hit. Work is usually pretty solid on Monday. Half the people already ripped up their brackets, the other half bragging: "I knew Kent State would still be around." Sure, you did. Usually it's the secretary with huge cans leading the standings. Actually, my boss picked George Mason in their Final Four that year - no shit. Probably the most unbelievable sports prediction (that came true) I've ever seen.

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