Friday, March 6, 2009

Cy What Now?

Remember the story about Ken Macha not wanting Yovani Gallardo to pitch on Opening Day because he wanted to reduce the pressure on Gallardo?

Jason Kendall apparently didn't get the memo.

Check out his quote in this feature on Gallardo:

"Nobody is going to replace [Sabathia and Sheets]. That's important for everybody to remember," said Kendall. "But this kid is going to be really, really good. ... He could be a 15-20 game winner for a long time in this league.

"In fact, I don't see how he can't win a Cy [Young Award]. He's that good. There's a ton of potential there."

Funny. Now I don't catch Gallardo, but I can see lots of scenarios in which Gallardo doesn't win a Cy Young award.

This isn't quite on par with the Yost/Bill Hall MVP prediction, but it's close.


Nubs said...

Hey if the shoe fits. Kendells caught for a few great arms in Oakland. I like it. Plus he is no Yostradamus

Tim said...

Is the alternate spelling of Yostradumbass also acceptable in this scenario?

Matt said...

Well, Cy Yo couldn't get out of the 1st inning vs. the Royals today. 7 runs (5 earned) 4 hits, 3 walks, with a Rickie error thrown in for good measure.

I think I'll blame the high sky in Arizona for this start. Or maybe he was working on his mechanics and not focused on getting outs.

wv23 said...

or maybe they maimed him when they rushed him back last year.

Anonymous said...

that inning was 90% weeks' fault, so i don't fault yoga that much.

and wv23 is a douche.

wv23 said...

very insightful, as always, anonymous.