Friday, March 6, 2009

AFC North: Not Impressed By Green Bay's Defense

A guy from the AFC North doesn't think the Packers' defense is very talented, apparently.

In a story about some Smith guy who you have never heard of (a safety who is such a talent that he was non-tendered by the Steelers even though they could have made him a restricted free agent) Tom Silverstein wrote the following which is attributed to an "AFC North official":

The source said that if Smith came to the Packers he'd be one of the most gifted players on their defense.

Glowing praise from "AFC North official" regarding the general giftedness of the players that Ted has collected to play defense for Green Bay.


Anonymous said...

Wait, how's that a rip on Ted?

Talk about taking a comment out of context! The whole article is pointing out Smith's athleticism.

The guy was the NFL Exec of the Year!

Matt said...

If I'm understanding this correctly, Anonymous is cool with not having athletic or talented players on Green Bay's defense, and is impressed by shiny awards.

Jordon said...

Tom Silverstein is a moron, and so are these unnamed (insert division here) Scouts. Just more worthless bullshit from idiots who talk to justify their existence. NFL/NBA/MLB scouts are all fucking retards.

AP said...

I think Matt is giving this a lot of credit, because he's playing the 50% chance that the guy who said this represents either the Steelers or Ravens and that he knows a little something about good defense.

I just like to think that the guy works for the Bengals or Browns, and that he has no fucking clue how to evaluate a player.

By the way, Rotoworld said this about Mr. Smith on 2/26/09.

The 2006 third-round pick would've been easy to keep with a low tender, but Pittsburgh is ready to move on. Smith has all kinds of talent; he's just very undisciplined. The Syracuse alum will be an intriguing pickup for somebody.

birdhas said...

I am guessing that is it is Anthony Smith that they are referring to. The same Anthony Smith who guaranteed a victory over the Patriots while they were on their undefeated run. He was then burned for several big plays in that game. And I don't recall him playing very much for the Steelers since.