Friday, March 9, 2007


Ned Yost is now on record saying that Bill Hall will one day compete for the NL MVP.

"I think Billy one year will contend for an MVP in the National League, I really do," Yost said Thursday. "Look at the strides he has made in center field already. He's looking like a natural out there."

Um....OK. Somebody better go check Ned's medications. I think he's taking the same goofballs that "Mr. Cy Young" Carlos Zambrano (of the 2007 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs) is taking.


Wrigleyville said...

I would take Carlos' side in the bet: Will Carlos Zambrano win the Cy Young in 2007 or will Bill Hall win an MVP award ever? Of course, we'd have to wait til Hall retired to see if it was a push.


The Cubs are 10/1 to win the World Series (at both bodog and

While there is no prop bet listed on Cy Young winner or will Bill Hall EVER win the MVP, Carlos is 12/1 to lead the NL in wins (4th behind Webb, Peavy and Carptenter) in 2007 and Hall is not listed among 25 players you can bet on to lead the league in homers (unless his name has been changed to "Field").

Matt McManus said...

What are the odds on Wade Miller winning 14 games this year?

Wrigleyville said...

Improving exponentially with each crappy Prior performance.