Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Current "Feel" of the 2009 Milwaukee Brewers

Ok, does Brad Nelson not remind you guys of Bob Hamelin? Seriously, it just hit me. I just saw his RBI single in the 8th and his swing looks JUST like The Hammers'.

Ok, me somehow thinking last week that Trot Nixon might have a chance to break camp on the team was probably the dumbest thing I've ever written. I'll admit that. But I was pretty sure of myself that Mike Lamb would make it. I was a little surprised he was basically cut today, considering he was playing a little better as of late. I'm all for riding the hot hand in the form of Casey McGehee (Side Note: the pronunciation of his last time is stupid), but does one hot spring earn you a spot? Hey I guess it did. Welcome to the show Casey. He's got the look of a Brewer that's for sure with that little flavor saver on his chin. A little advice for the guy...try to take a walk every now and again. But as always with the new young guys, I'm in his corner until he does/says something asinine.

Anybody paying attention to JJ Hardy's offensive stats this spring? Good Lord. He officially gets the Spring Training Soul Owner label (OPS of 1.36!!!). I'm thinking big things from JJ this year. He's giving off the feeling that he's playing with a little chip on his shoulder due to Escobar nipping at his ankles. The whole Hardy/Escobar topic is going to be a great topic of debate for the next year or two. Just so many ways it could play out.

Bill Hall. 11 strikeouts v 1 walk this spring. Nice Job Lasik.

Ummm...really...Yovanni Gallardo as the NL Cy Young? I drink the home town kool aid as much as any Brewer Blogger, but it seems like too much of a stretch. Get it done Yo.

How is everybody out there "feeling" about this team? I kind of like the stigma surrounding the team this year. Read any one of the Brewer Previews that are all over the web: Pitching is too thin. They won't be able to contend. They'll take a step or two back after last year's postseason run...blah blah etc.

I think it's a good thing. It's almost like we're the underdogs again. Assuming Braun didn't break his thumb tonight, you've got to like this team's chances to reach the upper 80's in wins.

I'm excited for the team. I'm excited for the offense. I'm excited that management has brought in experienced no-nonsense type of coaches. We've got 6 of the 8 position spots filled by young homegrown guys who are (Bill Hall excluded) still developing. Even Dick Weeks looks like he's figured a few things out.

I'm on board with this team. Just get rid of Gwynn.


garcia said...

I don't remember if it was JS or the Brewers website, but I do believe that Escobar, in responding to the fact that he is indeed nipping at the heels of JJ, said he would switch positions if the brewers wanted him to. In fact he identified three specific positions... 2b, 3b and outfield. He could have just said any position and left it there, but he basically named names... I thought that was both cool and funny.

Cool because JJ has refused to switch positions and will not. Funny because he's basically saying, "I could start at third over Billy, at second over Dick and take over for Cameron this year."

I like the makings of this team, even the pitching, but Suppan still makes me a little ill and I fear George Julio. Get the gas can ready this year for that guy... other than that, I think the crew will actually be very competitive! I say mid to upper 80s in wins.


AP said...

I would guess a little less in the win department, maybe, 84-78. I'm OK with that.

I'm excited to see how all of these stories play out, especially the Hardy/Escobar thing that Woz mentioned. I've got my 20 game pack all set. I should probably start thinking about beverage options for the parking lot on the 10th.

Not so anonymous Jake said...

The pitching is saran wrap plastic thin and it concerns me greatly. My expectations are moderate at best. The offense is gonna need to score a ton of runs. I hope I'm wrong, but I would be elated with a 81 win season with this group.

Barq's Root Beer said...

Unfortunately, the pitching just isn't there.

The lineup is more than solid but still up and down at times.

OBVIOUSLY, the key to making a run is avoiding long skids. This team will have a couple.


Rex Jaybels said...

I know that the pitching talk is starting to get old, but over the 162-game season I do think this staff will have it's troubles.

The Brewers are going to score runs, I have a lot of faith in that statement, but the question is, "can the pitching keep the opponents off the boards?"

I see a lot of big wins throughout the year: 10-2, 12-4, 14-3, etc. But I also see a lot of games lost 7-2 and 8-5.

It's hard to win without pitching. Look at the 2008 Texas Rangers. They scored 901 runs, more than any other team in the MLB but still finished under .500 and that was in one of the worst divisions in baseball.

I don't think it will be that extreme for the Brewers, but I wouldn't be surprised if they finished with around 80-85 wins.

Barq's Root Beer said...

For a team that will finish slightly above .500, they will lose a whole slew slew of games by those 7-1, 8-2 scores.

Mediocre starting pitching +

impatient hitters


Corey Provus getting caught up on Ueck stories

Lance's Other Nut said...

At least we have that sweet Wild Card pennant to look at this year

thecobra said...

I love that after each pick Rosenthal states the better choice is so and so, but I don't care picking the most likely canidate is no fun. Well then why not title the article My Wacky boneheaded picks for 2009. I believe he also picked the Pirates to win the NL Central, but the Cubs is more likely to happen.

grammy said...

hardy at 3b, escobar at ss.

ClownShipLollypop said...

I want to see Escobar as much as anyone; however, I'd like someone to explain this whole "Hardy at 3B and Escobar at SS" thing.

What has Hardy done to deserve being moved from his position? He's well above average defensively and is currently knocking the shit out of everything.

Escobar had a terrible spring and a bunch of fielding errors. He was battting like .120

What does Hardy have to do to prove himself?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Hardy at 3rd and Escobar take over short, it solves our 3rd base problem and gives us a more than adequate defensive replacement for JJ. That said, Hardy won't and has no reason to move to 3rd. His bat is big time for a shortstop, above average but not as great as a corner infielder. He has the potential to make more money in his next contract as a SS not 3rd baseman so I understand his reluctance to move. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Anonymous said...

I feel the bullpen is poop.

jnizzle said...

I poured out my heart for Trot Nixon awhile back as well.

Anonymous said...

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