Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tony Gwynn Jr Blows

It's the 6th inning, TGJ had two chances to make good plays in CF. Not impossible, but not hard enough to completely whiff - twice. Which is exactly what happened. Put a glove on it big guy....especially when you bring nothing to the table offensively. I know, his Major League sample set isn't big but his OBP (a pretty important stat for a slappy CF with decent speed) in AAA has decreased the last four years. If his name was Jim Smith Jr instead of Tony Gwynn Jr, people would want him cut yesterday. I'm sure some do, but you know what I'm saying. He's Corey Patterson without the semi-power.

To recap, TGJ is worthless.


Garcia said...


ClownShipLollypop said...

Too bad I couldn't watch how much Gwynn blew because Directv is garbage.

I didn't think they would ever cut Gwynn, but then the Lamb thing happened. Now I think he's done.
Seems like Macha and Melvin are in a WIN THIS YEAR mode. Nelson and Duffy would help that cause.

How many plays has Gwynn blown this spring? He's fucking terrible. TERRIBLE.