Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes, Thats Marty Conlon

A Chicago radio station talked about the general crappyness of American-born white guys in the NBA. After compiling the list....HOLY CRAP, what a bunch of turd sandwiches. Not that this is breaking news or anything, but wow, it looks so much worse on paper. My count says 61 guys with a combine 1 (one) all-star game appearance (Laettner). Maybe Googs did back in the day, but I'm not sure. I was only going to go back a decade, but the names were too classic to stop. Kansas and Minnesota enjoy this list. And there's even two guys from Nebraska.

American-born white guys drafted in the first round since 1990:

10-Spencer Hawes, Washington
20-Jason Smith, Colorado St.

3-Adam Morrison, Gonzaga
11-JJ Redick, Duke

30-David Lee, Florida

10-Luke Jackson, Oregon
12-Robert Swift, High School
14-Kris Humphries, Minnesota

8-Chris Kamen, Central Michigan
7-Kirk Hinrich, Kansas
14-Luke Ridnour, Oregon

3-Mike Dunleavy, Duke
22-Casey Jacobsen, Stanford
28-Dan Dickau, Gonzaga

14-Troy Murphy, Notre Dame
16-Kirk Haston, Indiana
17-Michael Bradley, Villanova

5-Mike Miller, Florida
7-Chris Mihm, Texas
9-Joel Pryzbilla, Minnesota
29-Mark Madson, Stanford

6-Wally Szczerbiak, Miami (OH)
21-Jeff Foster, SW Texas St
28-Scott Padgett, Kentucky

3-Raef LaFrentz, Kansas
7-Jason Williams, Florida
12-Michael Doleac, Utah
15-Matt Harpring, Georgia Tech
16-Bryce Drew, Valporaiso
19-Pat Garrity, Notre Dame
26-Sam Jacobson, Minnesota

2-Keith Van Horn, Utah
12-Austin Croshere, Providence
19-Scott Pollard, Kansas
20-Paul Grant-Wisconsin

11-Todd Fuller, NC State
27-Brian Evans, Indiana
29-Travis Knight, UConn

6-Braynt Reeves, Oklahoma State
12-Cherokee Parks, Duke
15-Brent Berry, Oregon State
17-Bob Sura, Florida State
22-George Zidek, UCLA
24-Loren Meyer, Iowa State
28-Greg Ostertag, Kansas

9-Eric Montross, North Carolina
15-Eric Piatkowski, Nebraska
22-Billy Curley, Boston College

2-Shawn Bradley, BYU
7-Bobby Hurley, Duke
14-Scott Haskin, Oregon State
16-Rex Walters, Kansas

3-Chrisitan Laettner, Duke
6-Tom Gugliotta, North Carolina State
10-Adam Keefe, Stanford
19-Don MacLean, UCLA
21-John Barry, Georgia Tech

14-Rich King, Nebraska
26-Mark Randall, Kansas
27-Pete Chilcutt, North Carolina

12-Alec Kessler, Georgia
15-Dave Jamerson (???), Ohio U
24-Dwayne Schintzius, Florida


Todd said...

Ah, where have you gone 1995? When big lumbering white guys reigned supreme and Pearl Jam and Coolio set the standard.

Anonymous said...

Paul Grant. Wow.

Justin said...

Googs was definitely an All-Star, I think only once though. Late 90's, I wanna say it was 1998 or 1997 when he was with the T'Wolves.

Szcerbiak was an all star once too.

Does Brent Barry winning the dunk contest count as a half all star point?

woziszeus said...

I'm just shaking my head at the fact that Dan Dickau somehow finagled 6 NBA years and over $10M out of people.

Just picture me banging my head on my keyboard.

Matt said...

Was Alan Ogg a first rounder?

garcia said...

Does anyone remember the commercial for a local bank that Marty Conlon appeared in and was standing next to a nice sports car the whole time and then at the end of the commercial some other guy gets into the car and then Marty Conlon steps away cause the car is not his....

That was a funny commercial because it was true... I bet Marty Conlon had one of those tiny Pinto-like cars and looked like Hightower from the Police Academy movies.

Matty said...

You missed Nick Collison in 2003.

Anonymous said...

13 years later and I finally learn that George Zidek was born in the US. Oh wait. He wasn't.

Anonymous said...

FYI - not that this really matters, obviously, but Kris Humphries is of mixed descent - his dad is African-American.

Brian said...

Kosta Koufos can be added to the list too. He was born in Canton, Ohio, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Wally make an All-Star team also? That doubles the total!!

Anonymous said...

Brad Miller has made a couple all star teams i believe

brad said...

Ah, who could forget Nick Collison?? Zidek was born in Europe-my bad. Kofus isn't in here because he's a rookie. I knew there was a reason Humphries was so good as a Frosh at Minny. All my bads.

Brad Miller did make an all star game, but went undrafted out of college. These are just first rounders.

lofty said...

for fucks sake is anything in the post right?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Actually, all those guys are Mexican or Chinese.

Matt said...

If you're looking for accuracy, I'm sorry, but you've come to the wrong blog.

Try Mike Hunt's blog.

lofty said...

I thought "Van Horn" sounded a little asian.

Ryan said...

David Lee don't let us down.

Anonymous said...

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